Canada & looming Canada Post lockout


Canada Post issues 72-hour lockout notice, work stoppage possible Friday

Just hoping the Canadian Soylent team is ready to switch to courier-only delivery up here in Canuckistan. I’d hate to see our deliveries getting stuck in postal limbo for weeks… @Conor



My shipment of 1.6 which was shipped on Monday the 4th is coming via Purolator instead of Canada Post, so it seems like they are already on top of it.


Ya my normal monthly shipment came via Purolator as well. I think they preemptively switched already, at least until the issue is resolved.


Good to hear - thanks to my fellow Canadianite posters. :sunny:


My 1.6 shipment just arrived this morning (Toronto)


I’ve been waiting until whatever is happening is over before ordering a sample box of 1.6. (1.5 was unpalatable for me). Purolator, though, is fine because at least the pickup is at a transit accessible location. Canada Post, however, puts my package in a box in my apartment’s lobby so it’s my first choice. Especially as Soylent is so heavy.


Mine arrived yesterday (Friday) via Purolator. No tracking number or notice, all of a sudden I got a phone call to pick up a package. haha No complaints at all, honestly. Good to see RL staying ahead of this potential clusterf*** with Canada Post.

And for me it makes no difference who delivers it - FedEx vs. Purolator vs. Canada Post - none of them deliver to my home out here. Only one who does is DHL, and even that is a very recent change.

I’m patiently awaiting drone delivery. At which point I can go live in my remote cabin in the woods for the rest of my days. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Update - Canada Post deliveries will arrive as usual, at least on Monday. Talks continue: