Canada, We Hear You!


Soylent is now shipping to Canada.

Any updates on international shipping?


Welcome aboard, Canadians! :thumbsup:

Here are some things to make you feel more at home here on the message boards :

They were the most Canadian-y things I could find.


wahoooooooooooooo! How can I get my order to be shipped? I got charged 2 years ago so I hope everything is still okay.


Contact, our friendly customer service team will assist you.


Cool! Is pricing in Canadian or US dollars?


Ship to Asia next please :slight_smile:


This is great news. What shipping company are you using, @Conor ?


Whereas I appreciate the effort, I just don’t think anyone will care about this.


Yeah, just a small thing, haha.



@rob knows more about this agreement probably.


One step closer to dropping the price and feeding the world. This is awesome.


This is really good news. No more problems shipping to friends, family and UPS stores in the U.S. Thanks Soylent…


Really excited for this, but I’m wondering about shipping. @rob - is it possible to get even a rough estimate? Another US product I looked at using wanted $24 shipping for $10 worth of product. I’m completely excited, but I’ve been burned too often to start paying without knowing about shipping.



If I understand your question, shipping is free (included in the purchase price).

From the orders page:

Where we ship: Anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Additional charge for shipping one-time orders to Hawaii and Alaska.



No more reshipper for me!



Thanks - that’s not normal for Canadian orders, so I’m a bit wary. But I’m too excited to end up too far back in the queue, so I’m going to chance it. :smile:


@Conor . My credit card is in my hand.

$CAD255 for 112+ meals. Yes/no?

In other words: I am in Canada, and want Soylent shipped to a Canadian address. Will I be paying $255 in Canadian dollars, or in United States dollars?


That’s really more a question for Rosa Labs/Soylent, and not a forum of users.

Try emailing the company?