Canada, We Hear You!


Awesome, guys! I’ve been waiting for this since 2013, and my package arrived this morning! However, it did not contain a pitcher and scoop as I was expecting. Is this an oversight?


Yes. Contact the Soylent customer service team:




Canadian Business Article: “Soylent, the meal you can drink, begins shipping to Canada

Side note: This is the first article I have seen that has bothered to correctly identify the source of the word “soylent”.

If you’re wondering whether the name is a nod to Soylent Green—the 1973 movie in which New Yorkers in the year 2022 are forced to subside on a drink made from human remains due to world overpopulation—you’d be mostly right. Rhinehart insists he was inspired by the book version, in which soylent was made of soya and lentils. A more palatable association to have, no doubt.


From “Mobile Syrup” (great name):


This all just reminded me of the time a Soylent customer went on a talk show in Canada to explain Soylent.


No, no it isn’t. It starts at the Russian border and ends at the Atlantic ocean. Absolutely nothing ambiguous about that.





And most of Russia’s population is in Europe.


To clarify, we would launch in specific countries rather than just ‘Europe’. So the term is ambiguous to the question of “when is soylent coming to Europe?”. The answer is we may be launching in the UK, Germany, etc before we launch in other countries. Within those countries as was, the case with the US and CAN, we probably won’t ship between them. We are still very much in the planning phases but we want to avoid using ‘Europe’ because we might not be launching in every European nation at the same time.


I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. That’s why you had them listed on the little customer questionnaire recently.

Don’t be coy, it’s all out in the open now. No backsies.


Wish I would have known sooner about this, just had some shipped to the U.S. last week, still havent had time to go over and pick it up. I better make sure to switch my address on my subsciption to Canada.


CBC News: “The Soylent revolution has made it to Canada


And just like that I’m sure the price of Soylent on ebay Canada plummeted.


Will you ship to a PO Box in Canada? ie: Canada Post’s FlexDelivery addresses – PO BOX 99900


Yes, we do deliver to PO boxes.


I was surprised to see that my order shipped from Mississauga! So you guys set up a warehouse right in Canada to bypass all the issues with shipping individual orders over the border? Great idea! I really appreciate paying the same price(in USD anyway) and getting the same free shipping offer as your American customers, and not having to worry about customs charges or delays. Very fast processing too!

Also, thanks for going with Canada Post. Fedex pickups are outside city limits and UPS has terrible tracking and only holds parcels for 5 days.


Interesting that yours was shipped with Canada Post, while mine was shipped with Purolator. Kinda wish mine was since Purolator didn’t bother to buzz when they arrived and I had to go pick it up my self.

@Conor any reason for using couriers? From what I’ve seen you use FedEx exclusively in the US? Though I am thankful FedEx didn’t handle my shipment here, no local pick ups close by.


That is odd, kerosin. Personally, my preferences are (1) Canada Post because they can get into my building and sometimes save me the trip to the outlet (my building has a parcel box big enough for a single week’s order); (2) UPS because there is a pickup a few blocks from where I live though the hours aren’t as good as the postal outlet; and (3) Purolator which has only a couple of outlets in the city but one of them them is at a major shopping plaza down the street that is bus accessible.

All other couriers require special arrangements (working at home, for instance).


For me, Canada Post is best as they almost always buzz and the post office is a 5 min walk as well. Then would be UPS, since the pick up is also walking distance. Purolator is 20 mins by transit. And FedEx… Well if I need to pick something up from FedEx I may as well go to the Soylent warehouse because they are both in Mississauga.