Canada, We Hear You! and they can help you

Brilliant!! I looked at eBay, and Frwding services etc, and it just was not feasible, but this is great, time to order it!

Thanks! (And to you too, @Ric.)

No problem @Conor might be able to shed some light on it, but you will likely get a quicker response by email.

Posted mainly for the headline, "Put away the poutine."

“Soylent will be using Canada Post, with Journey Freight International functioning as the importer. There isn’t Canadian-specific pricing, so the purchase price displayed is in US dollars. Order fulfillment is expected to follow the same pace as current US orders—shipping within 48 hours.”


If they are using Canada Post, that is the best news as far as my personal “last mile” problem. I was worried they’d go with FedEx which is impossible for non-driving folk living in highrises without concierge service. (In Canada, it’s the reverse of the State: UPS has all the local stores/pickup point, Fedex has the big warehouse beyond the edge of town.

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From my cold dead hands.


It’s in US dollars. I might of answered you via social media.

@Conor - ever heard of Europe? It’s where History comes from.

To the Canadians on this forum: just stop it.

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Got it. Thanks, Conor.

PS Sorry for asking in multiple places. I’m just so excited :open_mouth:

OMGOMGOMGOMG! I was JUST saying to my bf last night how anxious I was for Soylent to start shipping to Canada, and THIS IS WHAT I WAKE UP TO! AHHHH!

I put in my subscription immediately!


Customer Support: “Boss, there is a large number of emails coming in apologizing to US for shipping delays…?”

Rob: “Oh. Yea, we just started shipping to Canada, so l-”

Customer Support: “Say no more.”


We have, @rob brought in a book about it yesterday full of colourful pictures :wink:

Joking aside (I’m from Ireland) it’s our next region. As you know we just tend to announce things the day we are launching. I’ll try and get more information since Europe is a pretty ambiguous term.


Never a problem, it’s literally what i’m here for. :blush:

Just ordered myself a weeks worth. I knew Soylent was coming to Canada soon, just not this soon. Been on my own DIY recipe off and on since February, so it will be interesting to try the real thing.

Let us know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

This is great news!
Any info about taxes, COD, brokerage fees, etc.?

Outside purchasing the product, everything is free for you.


This is amazing news! I’d like to personally thank you for making this happen. I was fully expecting shipping fees, custom duties, etc,. which damped my excitement… so again, thank you.


Q: What’s black and white and red all over?

A: A box of Soylent wrapped inside a giant maple leaf.

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