Canadian orders, shipping and customs


Hi team soylent, I’ve read through the available information but I’m still a little unclear on a few things.
Am I currently able to pre order a supply of Soylent with a Canadian shipping address? Right now the only information I see says that it won’t be available until 2014, but I saw in the last blog update that orders ALL orders would be expected to go out in early January. Are international pre-orders included in that estimate or are you looking towards a date later in 2014?
Ideally I would like to buy a couple months now so that when first shipments go out, I don’t have to reorder right away.
If you aren’t going to ship to Canada until later in the new year, do you know if Soylent is cleared to be brought across customs? If I had it shipped to a stateside address and then sent VIA courier across the border would it clear customs or are there regulations that would prevent it coming to Canada? any information would be helpful.
Thanks in advance for your time.


Maybe I should get it shipped to my Detroit people, then drive a bag across the border and see what happens.


Maybe @JulioMiles can answer some of these questions, I’m curious about it being ok to cross the border with soylent before its available in Canada.