Canadian suppliers for different ingredients (and help making my formula)


@lox, one of our members, made a very nice spreadsheet and I thought I would build mine using it. I am referring to this thread.

The problem being, I am from Canada and can’t get everything to ship down here. Also, my knowledge on the matter is limited. I was able to find replacements for certain ingredients but I am not totally confident with it (and the dose). I was hoping that you guys would help me on this one. It could be helpful for other canadian members.

Here is the spreadsheet.

First question. I found 5000 IU Cholecalciferol. FDA’s RDA recommends 400 UI. Should I weight the pills individually, crush them and get close to the 400 IU? (see the spreadsheet for reference - Suppliers sheet)

As you can see in my spreadsheet (suppliers sheet), I am missing several elements. I’ll be working on it next few days. If you guys can find anything, I’d be really happy.


“You need permission to access this item.”

To your specific question of Cholecalciferol, it’s also called “Vitamin D”, and 400 IU is 10 micrograms (if you ever need to know that). has 1000 IU - if you chop one of those in half, you should be fine. Keep in mind though that there is a reason there are different recommendations for Vitamin D for different countries:
Your body produces it itself, depending on how much sunlight you get.
Assuming that by FDA you meant the American thing, you should look up the recommendation for your location, and then adjust to how much or little sun you get personally.


Thank you @CuriousBen. I forgot to change permission on my file. It is done now.

As for the vitamin D, I’ll check the recommendation for my location. Thank you.


There were a few good Canadian suppliers mentioned in this thread.


I’ll just put this here:

It’s what I used for mine :stuck_out_tongue: