Cancel Order or Try?


I have no idea where to put this or ask this and some of the searching I did suggested using the email links (which are getting automated responses or none at all) but what is the process of terminating a retail order placed at the beginning of this month.

I have no problem waiting like everyone else but the DIY formula I found and adapted has worked so remarkably well and is so cheap to make I am unsure I even want to try the Soylent now. I am on a 1200 calorie bare minimum diet for a little over a week and have already dropped 10lbs from 5’9" 235.

Anyways, I think I should @JulioMiles this, but just wondering what other’s thoughts are. Don’t BBQ me, I know it is the interwebz and all.


If you like the DIY and its not a hassle for you, it might be better to stick with DIY.

That being said, if you only ordered a week, I would just wait it out and the week’s worth so you can compare the two and decide which you like better.


I am sorry I should have specified that I ordered a Single Month of Soylent.


When the DIY worked out quite well I would probably just leave it or cancel and get a day from another source and try that.


Ah, well that makes the question less trivial. Personally, I might recommend sticking with your one month (especially since you have a high likelihood of receiving it soon, if you’re a backer order), because I like to have multiple data points to compare. Worst comes to worse, there are countless people here who would be willing to buy it for cost or higher.

But it really comes down to whether you think the official Soylent would be an improvement worth the money. Soylent has the advantage of minimal preparation, but is less amenable to modifications (I still modify, but with additional supplements. I can’t take away or replace.). If you are perfectly content with the effort and flexibility of your DIY, it might be a better fit for you. DIY also tends to be cheaper, since you’re not paying for labor.


lol, Also to clarify when I mean Retail Purchase I meant I am a Post-Backer, Post 5/6/14 order.


Thanks for clarifying. I say wait it out and do a comparison. See what you like about each and maybe improve your recipe.

Also, care to make a guess on Marion’s delivery date? :smiley:


If you really like what you are currently doing, I’d scale down your Soylent order. Either order a week from the company or buy a shorter amount from one of the Ebay sellers to see if you like it. That way you can decide what you prefer without risking a large order.

I ordered a one day package from an Ebay seller just to make sure it made sense to keep my backer order. It was worth the extra cost to make sure I should not cancel my backer order.