Cancelled my Soylent subscription; which other product is closest to 1.5?

I’ve been trying to get used to Soylent 1.6. The nasty aftertaste, I’ve gotten used to, but the disgusting sweetness has been getting worse with each meal I try to have. Today I actually felt I might not be able to hold it down, so I’m giving up. I cancelled my subscription, which was painful - I was an original backer, have enjoyed 1.0 through 1.5, and have felt healthier and better ever since starting to eat Soylent.

Now that I won’t have Soylent any more, I need a replacement. Which of the other powdered foods is closest to Soylent 1.5? I loved the flavor of 1.5, and was happy with it healthwise also. I even ended up liking the low protein aspect, because it made it easy for me to add whey as needed to set my protein intake to whatever I wanted.

PS - If 2.0 is the closest thing out there to 1.5, I’ll try it, but I don’t mind mixing water and powder so the extra cost of 2.0 was a turnoff in the past.


Have you tried adding flavoring to 1.6? (That may be a stupid question; I apologize if so.)

Since you want a powdered option and 2.0 sounds cost-prohibitive for you, you might look into the DIY options available to save money:

Also, you could always purchase pre-1.6 on places like eBay, Soylent Market (Reddit), or Craigslist if you like those better than the current iteration.

For me personally, the 2.0 is so much easier and such a time saver that I don’t mind paying a little bit more for it vs. powdered, but everyone is different.


If 2.0 is a lot like 1.5, then I’ll pay the price. I guess I’ll need to get a small amount of 2.0 to test, I’ve always heard that it is sweeter than 1.5, if it is as sweet as 1.6 then I probably won’t like it much either.

I haven’t tried flavoring 1.6. My dislike is so strong that I’d be very surprised if it was possible to make it palatable with an additive. Earlier Soylents had such a mild flavor that a little cocoa or whatever would change the taste dramatically, but 1.6 is like having your tongue crushed under a steamroller of charred aspartame. It’s pretty hard to cover that up.


I haven’t tried 1.5 or 1.6 so I couldn’t make a valid comparison, but I know there are a lot of reviews out there. Obviously, taste is subjective.

I assume you meant to type 1.6 for 2.0? (Since you haven’t tried 2.0 yet.)

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Right, thanks for pointing that out - I corrected my message. I’m still hoping there’s a product out there that’s a lot like 1.5, but if not, I’ll try 2.0.

I found aussilent to be the closest to 1.5. But that’s probably on the wrong half of the world for you.

You can also look at for a list of soylent competitors.

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You should try 2.0.

It tastes nothing like the powdered versions. I was using 1.5 when I switched to 2.0 ( I was an original backer and had all previous versions) and then recently I realized I still had one week of 1.5 left so I mixed up a batch. After drinking 2.0 for a couple months I found the taste of 1.5 to be so bad I couldn’t believe I used to drink it every day.

I also used 2 tbsp of dark cocoa powder to cover up the taste of plain 1.5 but it didn’t help

Maybe it’s just the dramatic difference between the two. I might be able to get used to 1.5 again if I had it often enough.


I’m still struggling with 1.6 as well and I’ve been using Soylent since version 1.1 and every version since. I’m still deciding on whether to flavor 1.6 or not. It’s the bizarre sweetness that gets me with 1.6; it’s not sweet per se to me but a old sweetness like it kind of smells like how a partially full cereal bowl smells like after it’s been in the sink all day and you come home to wash it, that kind of old sweet smell/flavor. I just can’t get “old warm cereal” out of my head when drinking 1.6.

I’ve (only) tried 2.0 and 1.6, in that order. 2.0 has consistently lived up to the “cheerio milk” billing for me, and I expect to keep using it going forward.

1.6, as I mentioned in a previous thread, has been at best inconsistent for me. My first batch1 had a strong, unpalatable taste that I can only describe as “oats and hay,” thinly masked by sweetener. Then I mixed the same powder using 2 blender bottles, 1 serving each, and it was way better… I got a pleasantly sweet “pancake batter” taste & consistency that some others have described.

On the other hand, the batch I made yesterday in blender bottles that has been sitting overnight in the fridge is back to the “oats and hay” flavor, albeit not as bad as the first batch.

Tl;dr: I would highly recommend trying 2.0. My experience with 1.6 powder, whether it’s inconsistency in the powder or my preparation technique, has not been nearly as good.

  1. Prepared 2 servings, using the release note protocol and supplied pitcher.
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Have you tried huel?

No, I’ve never tried anything but official Soylent. Is Huel a lot like Soylent 1.5?

You know it’s crazy. I find this to be much more palatable than 1.5, which, to me, was like trying to suck back a shaker bottle of beach sand and yeast. 1.6 is more “blank” like soy milk.


For me personally, the 2.0 is so much easier and such a time saver that I don’t mind paying a little bit more for it vs. powdered, but everyone is different.

Wait, what? It takes about 2 minutes to mix up a day’s worth of Soylent (and that’s if you shake it for the full 60 seconds). You probably waste that much time with the foil and seals of five 2.0 bottles…

do you really never wash the bottle?


Fair point. 10 seconds to disassemble and place the pieces in the dishwasher. 30 seconds to clean the actual pitcher. So maybe once or twice a week.

Although I reuse it if the pitcher was only used for a day or two. I’ve found that Soylent lasts about a week in the fridge so as long as it will be used by then, I’m cool with it.

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It just got to be a real hassle for me to do all that. Also, when I was mixing it up, I had to then chill it down after mixing which took like an hour. Also, I had to worry about drinking the whole pitcher within a day or two, whereas the bottles are always just lined up in the fridge ready to go.

Like I said, everyone is different. The hassle and time wasn’t worth it to me, but I can understand if it is for you. I wasn’t trying to dissuade anyone from using powder.


Is it available in the US now?

No worries, everyone is different. I totally understand the chill thing (I let it sit overnight).

Although I will also drink it until it hits about the 7 day mark… :slight_smile:


OK, got a 12 pack of 2.0 from Amazon and tried it. It’s not bad. To me, it tastes strongly of buckwheat (which is weird because AFAIK there is no buckwheat in it). I’ll probably switch to 2.0 once my last 1.5 packets run out, but I don’t like paying for water to be shipped to my home.

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I had the opposite problem. 1.0 through 1.5 gave me horrible gas. I survived on DIY. When 2.0 was released it solved all my problems, but I didn’t like the extra cost. Now 1.6 is out and I have no gas and after a couple days I now like the flavor. I also add about 1/3 extra water to it. That seems to cut down the aftertaste and the sweetness.

For me, I’m very happy with both 1.6 and 2.0. Hopefully you can find something that works for you.