Cancelling my "pre-order" for now


I was an original backer, late in the game but I still funded. Then when the website was up, I added a subscription.

Then my life took a downward turn, and I needed that money back, so I cancelled and got a refund.

A few months later, I had some extra money, so I purchased a subscription.

That was in October. Since then I’ve been buying Soylent off eBay and some various DIY brands available, like @axcho’s blends, @Spaceman’s 100% Food, and recently Everything had pros and cons, but nothing tasted quite like the official Soylent.

But they had one thing going for them: THEY ACTUALLY SHIP ME PRODUCT!

I feel like I’m going to GameStop and putting a reservation down for the latest Call of Battlefield or whatever. But that has a hard release date. They guarantee they’ll have it on release date, barring some bad weather or something. So I don’t mind paying a bit now, which the minimum is only $5. I don’t have to pay the whole thing off, just a bit which is of course refundable. To get my product on release day, I pay the balance if there is one.

Similarly, you can pre-order games and other products from Amazon. But… wait, they don’t charge you a dime until they ship it! What a concept!

Anywho, for now I’m cancelling my “pre-order” with Soylent. I’m going to wait until they get their act together and either A.) Ship within a couple days of placing the order, no more waiting
"4-5 months" or B.) They don’t charge you until maybe a day before shipping, which can possibly be a few months from order date.

tl;dnr: Tired of loaning RL money, cancelling order


The best thing–if you can afford it–is to order the minimum amount of Soylent they sell (a week). However large or small the initial order, once that first one is fulfilled, you can subscribe or buy more from then on in the one-to-two-week window.

But obviously it’s a big chunk of change to keep on hold for a lot of people.


That’s what I had, 1 week for $70.

But then when I do my taxes and I owe several grand, it looks like I’ll need that $70 to buy 70 packs of Ramen to last a month or so.


Tough, because you’ve already “lent” them that money for some period of time, lost the queue benefit you’d earned from that loan from it by canceling, and have to start over again whenever you do.

You have my sympathy.


Sad to hear your experience. You waited for 4-8 months (lending them money), then cancelled. You lent again in October and after 4 months cancel it again. So you already gave them your money for 8-12 months and to make somebody to “pay” for your waiting you are canceling again?

Honestly, you will make it only worser for yourself and wouldn’t prove anything, if you end up canceling your order just before receiving product second time.

If you have extra money to order from alternative sources for (usually) somewhat overpriced premium for exclusivity - why you are complaining that you let somebody to “use” your money for 8-12 months and to prove your point you will making this waiting useless?

Probably I’ve missed your deep thought, no offense.


OP is the best loan agent in the world. No interest!


OP, the Soylent team is already aware of the problem they have had and the damage it has done. You are canceling right now when they recently got 2 additional co-packers and are getting a 50x increased production. A few months from now I suspect orders to take less than 2 weeks to arrive. And a little later, they may begin to ship internationally also.


I’m not trying to prove anything, just venting frustration and declaring that I’m done waiting while lending them money.

My point is that I’m still out the money that I “lend” to Soylent, and if I want the product, I have to rely on resellers on eBay OR just get DIY that’s about the same price.

I’m not trying to make them “pay” for making me wait. I’m just tired of it. I had initial high hopes, only to wait for months, then need that money to buy actual food after having to move (my apartment flooded). So when things started to look up again, I decided to throw in a weeks subscription. Then more months of waiting. Finally, after this last fiasco where they didn’t bother to talk to anyone and people were getting charged but not shipped, I decided to finally cancel. Even if they did ship me my subscription, I can’t afford to have them pull this stunt on me in the future.

The gist of what I’m trying to say is that for now I’ll take my money and buy food, wait until Soylent gets their act cleaned up to the point where they either don’t charge until they ship, or they’ve got enough production capability to fulfill orders right when placed (or within a reasonable amount of time, a day or two).

Until then, I’m either getting DIY, like ketosoy, or just buying regular food.


There’s a saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” You had to have known when you placed the second subscription that there was a lengthy wait - as you already waited most of that lengthy wait on your first order prior to cancelling.

However, I do find this all very entertaining. I suggest that as long as there’s a wait for order fulfillment, you should continue placing orders and cancelling them a month before fulfillment. I look forward to reading about the third order being cancelled because of a long wait.


I think you are missing the point though. Antilight is frustrated at the entire process. I can’t say I blame him.


Yeah, and there won’t be a third time. I’m done. If you had read that, you’d know that.

I’ll keep reading in here every once in a while, see if things improve with the new funding. Meanwhile, I’m going to go eat Carl’s Jr.


I cancelled my subscription and still have a one week order in since October. Using Spacefood and Ketosoy. I’m in hold pattern with Soylent. Hopefully they do something. Just want to try it.


I think you are making a mistake canceling your order. I too was an original backer and finally my order arrived. That was last September. If there is anything that is helping me to control my hunger and my weight this is the right product. I won’t be giving it up any time soon! It’s worth the wait, particularly if you are someone like me who does not like to cook … It’s my evening meal and every day I enjoy a healthy lunch out! It’s made my life simple and I know I’m getting the nutrition I need.