Candida-friendly soylent


Hello everyone, I am a 22 year old male, 70kg and 6ft

I have had a go at designing a candida-friendly soylent, some feedback please? I am also somewhat lactose and gluten intolerant.

140g almond flour
140g whey protein isolate
75ml olive oil
5ml flaxseed oil
20g lecithin
20g psyllium husk
10g Lo salt
6g MSM
1g egg shell calcium
1 miltivitamin pill

So what do you think? The low amount of carbohydrates would make it very candida-diet friendly, and should also cause ketosis. After 3 weeks should I reduce protein to ~60g unless I am working out as well? The multivitamin also only has 50% of the recommended daily intake of chromium and it’s in a not-so-bioavailable form, will the 14ug I believe is in the 140g almond flour plus what’s in the vitamin be enough?



You’d be better off putting it up on and looking at the numbers there. It helps you calculate what you need and makes it easier for people to critique.

A couple of things I’ve picked up from reading here; MSM is generally not necessary, as you get the sulfur you need from the proteins.

And Psyllium husk turns your drink into pudding if you let it stand more than a few minutes. Also tends to be gritty, from what others have said.

Good luck, though.


here is how to figure Sulfur content in the Whey. If you cant figure it out, rest assured there is enough sulfur in your whey.

Deffinatly take the time to post it on the site and link to it. This will make it much easier for all of us to help with your recipe.