Cannot log in: Uncaught ReferenceError: cordial is not defined

Help! I can’t log in! You have a bug on your login page! When I press “Sign In” it throws an error in the Javascript console!

theme.js?88096:9040 Uncaught ReferenceError: cordial is not defined
at HTMLButtonElement.onLoginSubmitClicked (theme.js?88096:9040)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (vendor-head.js?88096:24)
at HTMLButtonElement.q.handle (vendor-head.js?88096:24)

Using latest Chrome browser.

Can’t log in either. Click the button to log in, but nothing happens.

EDIT: checked console, same exact error.

Their website always logs me out. And sometimes while I’m browsing after logging in, it will forget who I am when I view the cart or hit checkout.

Were you able to log back into your account? Please reach out to, if you’re still having log in problems. Thanks!

I can log in using Firefox, but not Chrome for some reason.