Canola Oil extracted with solvent hexane?


What about claims that canola oil is extracted using toxic chemicals?
To produce canola (and other vegetable) oils, the plant’s seeds are crushed and then typically heated and subjected to chemical solvents, like hexane, to extract the oil. Manufacturers claim that virtually all the solvent is then removed, but it’s unclear whether trace residues might be a health hazard; hexane also has adverse environmental effects. Cold- and expeller-pressed oils, including canola, do not involve the use of chemical solvents and, because they undergo less processing, tend to be higher in nutrients and antioxidants. They also cost more.
Q Does the Canola oil in Soylent use hexane to extract the oil?


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What about claims that canola oil is extracted using toxic chemicals?

Primary source?


Does Soylent use expeller pressed canola oil?


Yes. All canola oil is expeller pressed. Virtually all canola oil is processed as follows:

  1. seed cleaning
  2. seed drying
  3. seed flaking
  4. seed cooking
  5. seed flake pressing
  6. solvent extraction
  7. meal desolventizing/toasting
  8. refining

Step 5 removes about 50-60% of the oil. Step 6 removes about 35-45% more oil. Pressing the flake without solvent extraction is a horrendously inefficient and wasteful process.


OSHA PEL for n-hexane in air is 500 ppm. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists recommends a very conservative TLV of 50 ppm. Even that low number is way, way above “trace” levels. Thousands of workers across the US are exposed to these levels throughout their entire workday for years at a time, and there are no documented chronic health effects. I think it’s pretty clear that trace exposure is not harmful.

Irrelevant. You know what else has “adverse environmental effects”? Canola oil. If you dump a 55 gallon drum of organic, non solvent extracted, expeller pressed canola oil into a body of water, almost everything nearby that can’t swim to clean water is gonna die.



There is another silent killer that no one talks about much, but we are exposed to it everyday:


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