Can't find any good sources for monosodium phosphate


So I’ve found this recipe ( which says I have to include monosodium phosphate. Since I live in Norway, Amazon won’t let me order anything from their website containing food supplements, so therefore I can only shop from sites like I found the product on the manufacturers website, but they chargen 22$ or something for the shipping, which is alot more than the price of the product.
I wonder if anyone have any replacements for the product or know where I can buy it and get it shipped to Norway for a friendly amount of money.
Thanks in advance


her is the best i have found it’s really cheap if you buy 1kg


Thanks a lot! This is almost the same as monosodium phosphate?


i think it’s the same, but this one is an organic Phosphate that is nicer to the stomach , and you will not ned to use more then 2g a day