Can't find posts that I know I have seen


A while ago I saw a post here that listed a bunch of beta testers’ blogs. It included a blog by @rob’s mother. I would like to find that post, and especially that particular blog.

I am also unable to find the original NPR report that started this all.

Can anyone help?


It is in the “Other” category. Titled “List of Soylent Experience Blogs.” I think you are looking for my blog. I am actually Matt’s mom.The blog is on tumbler. Lee Cauble.


Thanks, your’s was the blog I was looking for.


for the NPR piece go to and search soylent. It was from May 13 last year.


Is this it?



I think it must be. I don’t see an audio link on that page though, which is what I really wanted. I listened to the report on the radio. After I got home, I went straight to the computer to google @rob and soylent. I wanted to send it to a friend to convince them I am not crazy, and that the company was not some minor fly-by-night scam artists. I thought the audio sold the case better then just text.

I guess NPR only hosts the audio for so long. Oh well.