Can't place order using Reshipper


I was reading all the posts about how the newest version (1.3) has helped with a lot of gas / digestive issues and thought I’d give it a try. So I tried to place an order.

I understand why you won’t allow other countries in your shipping address because you don’t ship to those. But the billing address is similarly limited. I can’t pay by Paypal because the only address it knows is the Canadian one (where I live).

Is there any way to get your e-commerce front end to acknowledge orders that are sent via reshippers? I used to have a subscription which I cancelled because of the digestive issues. I don’t remember how I manage to set that up.



You can add the reship address in PayPal as a secondary address, and choose that one when you pay.

Or just enter your reship addy when you order the sub. I’d tell you exactly how I did it, if I could remember; I just know I don’t have the reship addy listed on PP, same as you. (I’m in Canadaland, too)

[edit] on I’ve got my normal addy for billing, reship addy for shipping. Payment method = credit card, not paypal. I don’t see a way to change it to PayPal, actually.


When I attempt to pay by PayPal it doesn’t have any dialogues about address. I could add the address and see what happens.

I have all of what you’re describing on my Customer Portal because I was somehow able to add my home address when I placed that order. But I can’t order from there and can’t remember how I set that up.

Basically all I’m asking is that they add the countries to the billing address portion of the screen. They have “postal code/zip code” on that box so it seems that international billing was in their minds. But when you push the continue button you get a red scolding that the zip code is inappropriate and the state is blank. I remember a struggle when I placed my first order (I have placed an order and a subscription order in the past). But then I think they changed the billing portion to accept a Canadian address.

I’m not in a huge hurry. I have about two-months in two versions stacked in my bedroom storage shelf. And I actually figured out a way to deal with it (individual meals rather than full pitchers). So it’s slowly being used.



BTW, I hate to say this because I’ve been a supporter. But I notice the last response by @Soylent according their profile was January 13th. So I really don’t expect an official response.



Well, I tried to add an address to Paypal and it seems that I have the opposite problem there. I can’t add a non-Canadian address. I guess I sit back and wait for all the new growing pains to settle down. Too bad. I was looking forward to something I could potentially enjoy with worrying.