Can't Stand Soylent

I love the idea of Soylent. It is great. However no matter how I flavor Soylent the taste and texture make me gag. Getting it down is very unpleasant for me. I simply dread taking each drink which makes the gagging worse.

I am interested if anyone else has experienced this or perhaps has any tips to help? This is after a week on about 50% refrigerated Soylent.


You’ve read the flavoring threads, and have even tried a few concoctions. So, if it is making you gag after a week, I think you are out of luck; it doesn’t work for you.

Sorry. :pensive:

That is unfortunate. I may try powering through another week and seeing if my body adjusts.

As a last ditch effort, you could try freezing it, smashing it up, and then eating it frozen. Worked for me.


I never considered that. I will give it a try tonight.


Also try diluting it, if you haven’t; this especially applies if you’re having problems with the texture.


You think someone would actually enjoy watered down Soylent? I don’t wanna be rude bro, but that’s just dilutional.


I couldn’t stand 1.5 (or 1.4 before it) either. I loved 1.0, 1.2 (except for the bad cardboard-tasting batch) and especially 1.3.

The texture of 1.5 doesn’t bother me all that much (guess you had to have tried 1.4 to realize how bad it was), but the taste, yeech.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I’m hearing people are having success with vanilla extract, added sucralose and LorAnn Oils.

I’m tempted to give it a try just because LorAnn Oils has a cake batter-favored oil (!!!) but I think I prefer to wait for @axcho’s Super Body Fuel to open – his bland Schmoylent Plain, unlike Soylent 1.5, actually does taste bland.


I still haven’t forgotten about that cake batter request, by the way… :wink:

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Ho hah.

It is the way I had to drink 1.4 before I found out that if I made every serving fresh rather than letting it soak into sliminess, that worked too.


I found that I had a very pleasant flavor that wasn’t too strong with my Whey Protein addition. It cut the slightly acrid aftertaste and gave it a slightly chocolate hint as well. It could have been my imagination, but the consistency didn’t bother me as much either. The current protein content in Soylent isn’t all that much especially if you weigh alot like me (283 lbs), so adding the protein can have two benefits.

The protein I am using is Optimum Nutrition’s Performance Whey Isolate, the site link only shows the Vanilla but I get the Chocolate at Costco and the cost is very good per g protein compared to other protein sources.

This may not help you at all, so don’t go out buying a big tub like in the link, but something like this may actually cut the sliminess factor enough to make Soylent drinkable for you.

I HAVE to drink mine watered down or I can’t stand it. I use 20oz water per snack serving with the milk splashers flavoring.

Personally I double the amount of water. I don’t do that because of taste (I think it’s fine either way), but simply as a way to increase my fluids. The packaging makes it clear that drinking Soylent alone is not enough and that you have to continue to drink water on the side. I often forgot to do so. Therefore, by doubling the amount of water I ensure that I get those extra fluids in. Not only that, it stretches my Soylent further. Yes, I still need to drink more water on the side, but it does, for me anyway, make it easier.

I also find that I rather like the taste of Soylent. It’s not as tasty as a dessert, but it’s certainly not bad to me. 1.4 and 1.5 have been much better. Back when we had 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 I found myself adding flavors, but I think the current/recent versions are much better as a standalone drink.

I may try diluting it further. I’m unsure what it is about it that makes me gag. The flavor isn’t awful. The texture is strange, but I wouldn’t think it would matter that much.

I’ve already been adding vanilla extract as I cant even manage to drink it without. I tried adding orange extract but that was far worse than even plain Soylent.

I was having a really hard time drinking it when I came upon a thought-hack that somehow takes the gag reflex away for me. I gave some to health-nut friend who has drank his share of powdered drinks and he described it as “creamy”. I found that just thinking of it as creamy caused my gag reflex to go away almost completely. My wife had the same experience so I hope it works for others.


Thanks that sounds like really good advice. I assume it is something psychological making me gag. This may do the trick. I will try it out for breakfast tomorrow.

Use a straw. It really makes a difference for me.


This may seem verbose, but how do you prepare your Soylent?

I found a significant flavor difference when I dumped all the powder in, poured in as much water as possible, let it sit for 5 minutes, then mix and add water to the top of the pitcher. Let me know how it goes.

Did you try using maple extract? If you hate the taste that much, I’m not sure if it will help or not. Maple extract doesn’t change things a whole lot, but I noticed a teaspoon of it makes it sweeter and takes away the aftertaste a bit. If you could explain what part of the taste you hate most, that would help. Is it the original flavor? Is it the aftertaste? I know you said the texture is a problem. Is it too think or too thin?

Also, do you hate oatmeal? Do you hate brown rice? I personally think the original flavor comes from the oat and the aftertaste comes from the rice. If you hate one or the other, it would make sense that you would hate Soylent. If you hate one and the other, that would help to identify what part needs to be covered up.

I liked the idea of soylent but not the idea of drinking a thick liquid, so I created a solid DIY recipe. The major ingredients are oats, whole wheat flour, protein powder, eggs, and canola oil, so you don’t need to buy a ton of special stuff to make it. I don’t have a lot to compare it against (I haven’t tried any of the liquid soylent yet) but a bit more than a month in, eating it for ~2/3 of my calories, I’m really happy with it. I feel really good, I’ve lost some weight, and I have a lot more energy.

Give it a shot, if you’re willing to go the DIY route. I’d love to hear your input.

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