Can't use the Soylent site


There’s an obnoxious overlay on everything that isn’t the nav header, so I can’t actually click on anything. I’m using the latest Chrome on both Ubuntu 14.04 and Mac OS 10.9. @JulioMiles


Works fine here. OS X 10.9.3 and Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153


Check your Chrome plug-ins. You probably have the same ones on both machines, and one is likely messing with the site.


There were loads of problems reported when the site first launched, that all appeared to stem from the https anywhere plugin. Might check for that or similar…


You were spot on! It was the HTTPS Anywhere plugin that was doing the damage. Maybe still RL should get that fixed?


Do you mean HTTPS Everywhere? That’s still in Beta. The EFF site that is making the plug in tells you to disable it for sites where it doesn’t work. The extension forces http to https and if your web site isn’t set up for https or you already have rules to deal with https, it’s going to cause issues.


I accidentally selected the desktop version in google chrome for iPhone. It’s great you have a link to turn that on. Perhaps you might consider providing users a way to turn it off again. The endless scroll “feature” means you can never reach the bottom of the desktop page, so any links down there are unusable. I guess this is for @codinghorror


You’re going to have a bad time in Chrome for iOS – it has weird bugs we’ve never seen in any other version of Chrome, on any platform. Strongly do not recommend you ever go the Chrome for iOS route, it is QuirkTown USA. (And technically unsupported per our FAQ.)

You can turn on mobile view the same way you turned it off, via the menu at the upper right.


Isn’t Chrome for iOS just a wrapper w/bookmarks, etc. for the internal safari mobile?



But it also adds a ton of quirks somehow. Remember it’s not the “real” Safari.

Chrome cannot use Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine that was introduced to the iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser with iOS 4.3. Apple uses Nitro in its own Mobile Safari browser, but third-party browsers can only use what is called a UIWebView, a window that allows them to render content using WebKit, but not currently Nitro. The best explanation for this so far has been that it poses a security risk.

Good news: this is partially changing in iOS 8, the UIWebViews will use the faster JS rendering engine at last.


FYI same bug evident on android chrome - no menu is displayed


I see. That is new. Turn on “Force Enable Zoom” in Android Chrome options and you will be able to zoom the desktop view and select mobile from the drop down on the menu at the upper right.