Can't wait for my Soylent!


As I stood in the grocery store this morning, overwhelmed and depressed at the state of my health and diet, trying to get back on track eating healthy while still making sure I got enough calories, I though “I can not WAIT for my Soylent to arrive.” I believe I am a prime candidate for this. Deciding what to eat is a major downfall for me and usually where I fail. When I do tend toward “healthy” choices, I tend to end up going bland and therefore don’t like what I’m eating and also usually end up in a severe calorie deficit as well (more than I should, healthily). Most meal replacements are full of sugar, lacking vital nutrients and also leave you in a sever calorie deficit. I’ve often joked that I needed to find some equivalent of “People Chow,” something I could just make a huge batch of that would give me everything I needed. I’m hoping Soylent will be just that.


Have you tried a DIY recipe?


I haven’t. I was just looking into that category now. When I first read about Soylent, doing it DIY seemed pretty daunting but I’m checking out the discussions now.


Head over to and find a recipe near you. Buy the ingredients and a scale and then tell your SO that the weekend will be devoted to chemistry.


I understand where you’re coming from. I’m in a similar situation. Food is just so frustrating and depressing to me right now. Either the only things I’m hungry for are things that I can’t eat (and eat anyway because it’s all I can choke down, and so I feel sicker) or I manage to eat healthy, and still feel sick in other ways. I can’t win. I would give anything right now to just…not have to eat. Considering that my body demands some type of sustenance…meh.

The official soylent is going to have ingredients in it that aren’t really compatible with my health goals so I started putting together my own. It’s been a lot of research these last couple of weeks, but I’m hoping it’s going to be totally worth it.


I’m going to mix two daily packets of Soylent in 6 shaker bottles and put them in the fridge. You can call me Joe Sixpack Soylent.


I just want to take a moment to plug CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus. Though I’ve been DIYing for a while, lately I’ve been pseudo-homeless (grad student with no apartment) and it’s made it hard to keep my DIYing going. CVS Liquid Nutrition has really saved my butt. It’s full of sugar, which is a downside, but it’s affordable (unlike say Ensure), it doesn’t give a calorie deficit (specifically the “Plus” version doesn’t), and it tastes very good, which makes it easy to keep drinking it. It has no fiber, but I haven’t run into any digestive problems yet. (And if I do I can just take fiber!)

DIYing is genuinely a pain in the ass. It requires a ton of research and a ton of upfront financial investment, and once you’ve done that you’ll probably have something that doesn’t taste good (which might taste better with work). For me this is a great alternative while I’m waiting for Soylent Corp. to ship.