Capitalisation proposition: Soylent vs soylent


It perturbs me that we haven’t settled down on “soylent” or “Soylent”. I propose the following convention:

  • Soylent refers to the product sold by the Soylent Corp. That is, it is the pre-made version that you buy.
  • soylent refers to the generic food substance. That is, if you’re DIYing, you’re making soylent.

Just to satisfy my pedanticisticism…


I’ve always heard dragons are intelligent creatures. Didn’t realize it applied to written technicalities, haha.





Agreed. This makes sense and is a structure used for many similar purposes.


I think this is reasonable, but I’ll probably use distinctions like official or diy depending on context. It’s also difficult to pronounce capitalization in verbal conversation.


I’m thinking already thinking of this stuff as “nom”.


Haha, that is the convention that I assumed but out of respect for the product Soylent i’ve been using the proper noun to refer to any soylent.


Yes, I have been following this convention. I support it being standardized.


Gah, just realised that if I’d called this “The Capitalisation Proposition” then I could conceivably have created an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sad times :frowning:


That would be a great marketing scheme if we could get Soylent on an episode of Big Bang Theory. I think it would fit perfectly with the theme, it would even make perfect sense for Sheldon to drink it exclusively and would (unfortunately) be fairly easy to make fun of.

I’m genuinely thinking about calling TBS now lol.


“I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.” - P. T. Barnum


I did the same thing when I blogged about it recently, but it was more out of respect for Rob’s work. Quite frankly, considering Rob co-opted the name from a book/movie, I don’t think it’s that big a deal, but to each their own. :slight_smile:


Oh, it’s not a big deal - I just have the programmer/mathematician’s desire for consistency :smiley:


I would rather use some modifier.

Like “Bootleg soylent” for obviously non-Soylent made soylent. Realfood soylent is another example found here somewhere.


soylint. lol


I’m brewin’ up a batch of bathtub soylent.


I can see it now… the rocky mountain bootleg crew with their mason jars and a large S marked on the top.


Lol guys. :smile:

Would be funny if it was literal.