Carb/Fat/Protein Ratio


“Soylent has a Carbohydrate/Fat/Protein ratio of 50/30/20”

Am I reading that correctly?

50% Carbs
30% Fat
20% Protein

And are those percentages of total calories, or of total grams?


It doesn’t say, but my guess is by total calories. If you go by grams, 30% fat is actually the majority of the calories.


those percentages are total calorie percentages (calories per gram for carbs and protein differ to calorie per gram for fats)

I find it quite correct. I haven’t found the total calorie amount for the official soylent recipe, but I’m supposing it’s 2500 calories (what they’ve been saying on the threads). 20% of that is 500 calories, which turns out to be 125 grams of protein. that would be optimal for people having, more or less, 75kg of lean muscle to around 125kg of lean muscle (I try to keep my protein in the range of 1 gram per kg of lean muscle to 1,5 grams pero kg of lean muscle).

If it were up to me, I would even swap around the percentages of fat and carbs, leaving carbs down to 20% and having 50% of fat, but that’s my personal preference.

my DIY Soylent has a proportion of: 5% carbs - 17% protein - 78% fattys