Carbohydrate Options for DIY Recipe?


I have read some older threads discussing various carb sources, but none of them seemed conclusive on the answers I was looking for.

I don’t like Masa Harina. The corn taste and the texture are the two things I can’t stand about it. Instead, I tried looking for a finer-grained carb source to use. I chose to try rice flour. It was better, but the fact that the rice flour doesn’t dissolve still leaves a bad texture in my mouth.

My next logical step was to look for carbs which dissolve in water. Corn starch seemed great if I bought the generic brands. I just want to make sure it will be healthy for me if used for a long-term solution. The recipe fulfills my nutrition requirements, but I know little about the other health risks of corn starch or the glycemic index of it.

My last option might be to use maltodextrin. I hear it is fairly inexpensive, but I am concerned about the glycemic index of it and long-term health use, as well.

If anyone has any other suggestions for carbs which dissolve in water and are fairly cheap to obtain, I’m open to exploring my options. My recipe is fairly easy to adapt to other carb sources.


I’m curious about waxy maize starch (Amylocel). TrueNitrition’s selling it for $4.99 per pound - $3.85 if you buy 16 pounds. I haven’t tried it so can’t recommend it, but the description sounds interesting:

“WMS has a much higher molecular weight and a much lower osmolarity compared to dextrose or maltodextrin, so what does this mean… Mainly, WMS bypasses the stomach, is absorbed by the intestines and immediately is assimilated; this is all done at a much faster rate than dextrose or maltodextrin, estimated at almost double the rate…”

Have any other DIYers tried it?


Have you ruled out oat flour? It has decent soluble fiber, for a grain, and so stays in the blend well, even if it isn’t all truly dissolved.

Also, I include several other soluble fibers in my blend which keeps the shake smooth and limits the settling. I use more oat flour than maltodextrin in my blend.