Carbs vs Fat.. again


As a side note… It seems to me in the early days of Soylent the discussion was mostly centered around optimal nutrition. Now it seems most discussion is on flavors and perhaps packaging. Does this mean we’ve solved optimum nutrition?


It is funny how “What flavor is next?” has replaced “What is the best ratio of macros?” I’m constantly readjusting, tweaking, and fine-tuning my diet and exercise routine for optimal fat loss, muscle growth, and overall health, and I’m very interested in Soylent’s use of ethically sourced and ecologically sustainable ingredients… but I do miss Nectar. sniff


I think truly optimum nutrition can’t be done since different people will need different macro balances. Given that, what Soylent has now is “good enough,” and what can be said for the most part already has. Although I assume that RL does revisit the macros from time to time, but without a pressing need to change things they’re happy to look into flavors etc.

Like other people I adjust the macros a bit, adding protein a couple times a week just before a heavy workout. But even without doing that it’s pretty good as far as I can tell.


I do miss the days when we talked about the specific vitamins and minerals being used, bioavailability and such.


For sure no. Because the body of each person reacts differently to different types of nutrition. Everyone must adjust everything to himself and find his own optimal way. What about carb, here is a good article about it and with some recipes including it.


Thanks for reviving this one… I have little doubt excessive carbs are bad for health (except, perhaps, for short intensive bouts of exercise).

But the question remain for optimal health… would we all be net better off if Soylent had fewer carbs?


Not necessarily, Soylent is already relatively light on its carb content at 37% of its macros being carbs. Besides, carbs aren’t the enemy. They are the body’s primary source of energy and help to regulate blood sugar. Soylent is far from having too many carbs, but it’s certainly far from having too few carbs too. It’s a good balance.


I would like it if soylent made a lower far, higher carb version of their powder available. Before starting soylent, I lived a whole food plant based diet with no oils or extra fats. I feel very warm after drinking soylent and sweat a lot as I do when eating naturally high fat foods, (nuts, avocado, and nut butters with no added oil.) I hope that soylent will offer different formulas for different lifestyles in the future such as , high carb low fat formulas with no added oils, high fat low carb for people that prefer that as well, and some reduced calorie options. I would happily back a low fat high carb version of soylent :slight_smile:


I can totally understand where you’re coming from! I really hope that soylent will offer different powder options in the future for people with different goals! I would really like to see a high carb, low fat, lower calorie version released! And many other variations for others of different lifestyle approaches.


As someone who thrives on low fat high carb, I would like to see a variation of the powder that meets those needs as well as other macros for people that may want something different. We all thrive a little differently :smiley: