Carbs weren’t sufficient for me

I’m a long time Soylent customer/fan. Wondered what would happen if I increased the carbs I’m consuming, so I added half a cup of Cheerios to each serving of Soylent. Since then, I’ve also switched out two of my five meals a day to Huel powder which has more carbs than Soylent. I feel much better. Reminds me of how I felt on early versions of Soylent.

I think it’s the carbs that’s making me feel better. It could also be the iron because both Huel and Cheerios have a lot of iron. But I don’t think it’s that because my prior blood tests did not show I was iron deficient. I’m now experimenting with using oatmeal instead of Cheerios to avoid overdosing on iron.

Thought I’d pass along this information in case it can benefit anyone else.


Oh but haven’t you heard? Carbs are bad! /s

Glad you found a tweak that works well for you. =)

You have 5 meals of instant foods every day? I would get a little tired of that.

I like putting a banana (and other goodies) into my Soylent - it improves the taste and gives me some more carbs.

Usually 5 a day when I work. Weekends, holidays, and other days off I usually have 2.

Soylent was originally marketed as something that could replace all food, but the company has backed off on that. Anyway, whatever works for you, there are no rules.