Card's Beginner Soylent Recipe


I am submitting my new soylent recipe to the community for review. This recipe was created to be easy to make and possibly good for beginners. There are no raw “chemicals” to add to the recipe which removes some of the danger of soylent mixes. In addition, it removes the need to have a good scale, as most of the quantities in the recipe are directly convertible to standard measuring cup sizes.

The recipe is extremely close to being nutritionally complete. It’s a single gram under 28g of fiber, which can be remedied with an extra tsp of Psyllium husk, if desired. It’s also just a tad under on Vitamin K, which can be fixed either with a pill or by eating a few leaves of kale/spinach.

Another downside to this recipe is that it is not good for people with a Lactose intolerance. I plan on making another version of this recipe with soy-based products in the near future.

The cost of the recipe is about $6/day or $180/mo.

Without further ado, here’s the recipe:


Wow, this looks like a fabulous recipe! Nicely done!