Carrageenan and Irish moss

Does anyone know what to expect when adding carrageenan to a recipe? Would Irish moss be similar (it’s 55% carrageenan)? Irish moss is rich in rare minerals. Wikipedia describes wide-spread use, strong binding to proteins, and some controversial health concerns.

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I know that Irish Moss is used in making beer. Specifically it is used to make the beer less cloudy and more clear.
It works in beer by binding to proteins like you say. The proteins are what make the beer cloudy. The Irish Moss binds to the protein which makes it heavy and it sinks to the bottom. Then you siphon the beer off the top and leave the Irish Moss and the extra protein behind.

I don’t know what it would do, or if there are any benefits to eating it.

Why would you want to add carageenan? It’s potentially very allergenic, and thus have very negative effects.

I was considering Irish moss, not carrageenan, but carrageenan is isolated from it. I was mainly just curious about it, since it’s a common ingredient. The health concerns over carrageenan are controversial, but why take even a small risk. In any case, my local health food shop doesn’t carry Irish moss, so I probably won’t try it anytime soon.

I use Irish moss all of the time to clear up cloudy beer. I wouldn’t eat it myself but that’s just because I’ve never had a reason to eat it. Never had a problem with the beer I’ve used it in.

Looks like Carrageenan was added to 1.5. How do we feel?