Caution: brands of psyllium husk powder capsules


I’ve been taking psyllium husk powder capsules for 3 weeks now. I first bought the Wal-Mucil brand from Walgreens, and took 3g/day (6 capsules). That worked great. My stool went from about a 4.5 to a 3.5 on the Bristol stool scale, and instead of multiple bowel movements a day, it became once or twice a day.

After that ran out I started taking the NOW brand. I took 3g/day, but that wasn’t very effective so I started taking 4g/day. I’ve been taking 4g/day for 2 days now and my bowel movements still haven’t been the same as with Wal-Mucil. I’ve had significant gas, and trips to the toilet multiple times a day, sometimes with strong urge to go that ends up being sharting-like when I do go.

I came across this review on Amazon, which explains that NOW uses Plantago asiatica, while it seems that most other brands use Plantago ovata. For most other brands (including Wal-Mucil), the label just says “Psyllium Husk”, “Psyllium Husk Seed”, or “Psyllium Husk Fiber” under ingredients; it does not specify a species. Wikipedia article for Psyllium seed husks defines them as “portions of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata”. The article for Plantago asiatica says nothing about psyllium seed husks.

I am going to go cold turkey off of the NOW capsules and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, I will experiment with different doses of NOW. If that fails, I guess I will have to buy Wal-Mucil or a different brand. I will update this thread with the results.

Has anyone else had similar or relevant experiences? @livingparadox I know you use psyllium husk

Update 5/30/15 - So I gave up on the NOW capsules and went back to the Wal-Mucil capsules. I take 6 capsules/day, which is 3g of psyllium husk.


I’ve had no problem with the Now brand, but I use a lot more than the amounts you’re listing. I mean, the bottle does indicate the serving is 9 grams.

Edit/disclaimer: this is the only brand I’ve ever used.


I’ve only used the Yerba prima brand, good stuff.


I started adding 3g of the Now brand to each serving of Soylent at the beginning of the week and have seen results similar to what you did on the Wal-Mucil brand. It could just be whatever your body gets used to is what works best.


Mine says to take 3 capsules twice a day, which totals to 3g/day.


Ah, I use the powder. It indicates 9g (7g fiber) per serving, but makes no suggestion about how much on a daily basis. I usually put roughly 2 tbsp (18g total/14g fiber) per bag of Soylent (though I am considering increasing it to slightly more).


Hmmm, your powder uses Plantago ovata as its ingredient. Also its suggested use is 9g/day.


I got a 12oz tub of Swanson Premium fine milled psyllium powder off amazon for like 5 bucks. I don’t know what kind they use but it’s cheap and always seemed to work well for me (and incidentally my cat who because of past medical history causing intestinal damage can only achieve solid stools with added psyllium or pumpkin). It seems like a good product but I’d be interested to hear the opinion of someone who’s taken multiple other brands because it’s the only one I’ve ever used.


Sorry for the late response. I use psyllium husk powder from the Vitamin Shoppe. Its about 1/4 tsp to get me 4g and its worked great for as long as I used it. Though I’ve mostly used them as training wheels. I haven’t yet had the need to use it for longer than maybe a month. I would recommend it as the container is pretty cheap and lasts over a year of continuous use (my mother is now making use of it as I don’t have a current need for it).


How much do you use in single day Soylent?


Soylent is about 80% of my meals. I was taking the same amount of capsules (half in the morning, half at night, after meals) regardless of how much soylent I had that day.


Interesting. Thanks.