CCTV does a 1 week challenge



Do they really think they’re being original at this point?


Wait, why was he on a 1 year waiting list before he could get his? Am I missing something?


The only explanation I can think of is that this article was written a long time ago and just published now. That makes part of the article pretty misleading.


Strange… maybe he just assumed there was still a long wait.
From the photos it looks like 1.5. No oil bottles and the blurry image looks like 200 calories from fat and he mentions it was 460 grams (1.4 was 459 grams with 210 calories from fat)


He’s answered @geneven’s question about what Soylent in his comments:

I have version
1.5. I got on the waiting list in May or June of 2014 ( when a week’s supply of
Soylent 1.0 was going for $170 on eBay!) and I got an email from the company on
June 23rd saying I could order and get it shipped.
Have you been drinking/eating Soylent? How has it been for you?


Big deal, 1 week was super easy, so easy I’m doing 1 month straight next. They just want to say “hey look at us” , oh wait if you look at Buzzfeed they’ve done this already and there’s a blog with a guy doing 25 days… yawn


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5 (final day, and wrap-up):


CCTV posted a video summarizing the experiment:


What are those pouches shown at 1:09? Was that stock footage of 0.9 or something? with unmarked oil bottles?


It’s from this video:


Ah ok… Published on May 6, 2014. So that was right at the launch of 1.0 I guess.