Cellucor + Groupon for DIY'ers looking for flavored Whey protein


Found this in my email this morning -
Groupon is offering Cellucor vouchers at half price ($25 for a $50 voucher).
The deal expires in a week, and is Limit 3 + 2 gifts.

Cellucor offers a somewhat pricey (4 lbs. for $70) Flavored Whey protein mix (WPI and WPC) that gets great reviews on flavor (warning: it contains Ace-K and Sucralose).

When you combine the two, you can get 8 lbs. of whey protein for <$75, which isn’t bad. If you’re willing to bend the rules a little and buy “gift cards” for yourself, you can probably bump that up to 16 lbs. (=$280 - ($250 in vouchers - $125 to buy the vouchers)) = $155


Bodybuilding.com offers cheaper prices on Cellucor. Not sure if the voucher is valid there, but they’re currently running a sale also: 4 lbs. for $50, and 2 lbs. are buy 1, get one 50% off. So you can try a bunch of different flavors in your soylent on the cheap. If you use the vouchers to buy 3x 4 lbs. containers of their protein, that’s 12 lbs. for $75 + shipping, which is pretty damn good.

Not a bad deal overall, I’d say.


Anyone actually try doing this? Let me know if it works! i can’t - Cellucor isn’t kosher, so there’s no point in me plunking down the cash for whey protein I can’t even use…