Cellular agriculture conference on July 13 in San Francisco


New Harvest is a non-profit research and development organization focused on creating animal-based food products — meat, milk, eggs — through animal-free biotechnological processes, such as cell culture, that fall under the umbrella term “cellular agriculture”. One example of New Harvest’s work and of cellular agriculture is the first cell cultured hamburger.

The algal oil in Soylent produced in bioreactors by Solazyme is another example of cellular agriculture. In time, meat, milk, and eggs could produced in a similar way.

Whereas Soylent is a new food product that relies partially on traditional food production systems such as crop farming, New Harvest strives to create traditional food products from new food production systems. In that way, New Harvest and Rosa Labs (the company that creates Soylent, in case anyone didn’t know) have a common vision for the future of food, and are simply focused on different aspects of that future.

In 2014, Isha Datar, CEO of New Harvest, was an early tester and supporter of Soylent. In 2015, Isha Datar and Rob Rhinehart, CEO of Rosa Labs, were on a panel about the future of food together, along with Ryan Pandya, CEO of Muufri, a startup launched in part by New Harvest that is working on producing milk using cellular agriculture:

The conference:

Now Soylent is sponsoring New Harvest 2016: Experience Cellular Agriculture, a conference on July 13 in San Francisco. David Renteln, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Rosa Labs, will be speaking at the conference. Soylent will also be letting people try prototypes of new products.

Here’s the official event blurb:

[quote]New Harvest, the 501©(3) research institute advancing the technologies to make foods and fibres from cell cultures is hosting the world’s first conference on cellular agriculture.

Pioneers in growing agriculture products from cell cultures will talk about their technologies, which will you can see, touch, taste, in the Prototype Room. As an example, the world’s first cell cultured spider silk jacket, made by Spiber Japan, will be making it’s North American debut at this conference.

Where: The Golden Gate Club at the Presidio, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA 94129
When: July 13, 2016
$50 per ticket for students and biohackers

Students can get the student rate by emailing info@new-harvest.org and requesting the student rate.

More information on the conference can be found here.[/quote]


If only I didn’t live on the other side of the continent. Any guesses on what prototypes they’ll show off? Probably more of that paste.


Need that transcontinental hyperloop pronto.

[quote=“deepriverfish, post:1, topic:25640”]
The algal oil in Soylent produced in bioreactors by Solazyme is another example of cellular agriculture[/quote]Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it’s still considered a “plant” and is basically vertical farming.

Though, it’s probably a matter of semantics. I’m still pro-artificial meat.
Just need to bring the price down.

I’d say that Solazyme’s algae is cellular agriculture rather than vertical farming because the algae is genetically engineered to live in bioreactors that it can’t survive outside of and to produce substances that wild algae doesn’t. It’s similar to Clara Foods, a startup launched by New Harvest, that uses genetically engineered yeast to produce egg whites.