Chalkiness in Soylent


I just received my shipment of Soylent and I’m having a minor problem. I’m using the Vegan Soylent packaging, and I mixed the drink as recommended on the packaging (1L of water in a blender) with the package. Refrigerated it overnight and this morning drank it for breakfast.

While the taste itself is fine, I’m noticing a distinct chalkiness on my tongue and throat after taking a drink. It’s almost like an aftertaste issue, but I haven’t seen it reported by other users. Is there a workaround people are using or did I mix something wrong?


What kind of oil are you using? Are you adding it when you mix it or later?


I used strictly the Soylent powder and water. I left the ice off since I was planning to refrigerate it anyway before consuming. I went with the vegan Soylent since I liked the lower calorie and fat intake. I can add an oil back in if it would alleviate this issue.


I just put up a video on a good way to mix the Soylent, in case you’re interested. You can see it here:

I don’t get much chalkiness, but mine is non-vegan. I can’t imagine that adding the oil would reduce the chalkiness though.


Please make sure you’re using updated instructions at Was there an instructions booklet or just a single instruction sheet in the box(es) of Soylent 1.0 you received?

edit: If you’re not adding the fat, you’re not going to be consuming Soylent 1.0 as it was designed to be consumed, and the product experience (taste, texture, nutritional composition) is going to be compromised. We definitely recommend adding 50ml of canola oil to each pouch of vegan Soylent you prepare.


Lower fat doesn’t mean it’s healthier. You’re better off adding oil and then drinking less. I noticed a slight grit to it but not a chalky coating.


Awesome, I’ll try just the canola oil addition there.

As for the instructions, it was the single sheet, about oh, 16" long? message on the front, and instructions on the back.


Add oil, definitely. (Add it after the Soylent has soaked.) Without the oil you’re not getting the full nutritional balance.

Also, 1 liter of water per package really isn’t enough. If you were using the pitcher, it would come to more like a liter and a half (1.6 liters is what people say). You’ll notice the blender instructions say a liter of water, plus ice. I don’t know why they don’t say 1.6 liters including the ice.

You’ll still notice a slight afterfeel in your mouth, but it’s not unpleasant (unlike most DIYs).


It seems like the volume of powdered Soylent is less once mixed, so you end up gaining empty space in the pitcher for more water. I’d personally prefer a 2.5L pitcher, but cant find one that’s air tight, and would have no idea how to get one made.


I was using a 4L pitcher and filling it a bit over half and I enjoyed that more than my ~ 2L Takeya I have now. My solution now is to pour my first meal about 3/4 soylent and 1/4 water and then fill up about half of what I poured out with water again. I too would like the 2.5 or 3L pitcher in something air tight. :stuck_out_tongue: