Change subscription without canceling?


Hey all. I ordered a 2 week supply back on 6/4, but was wondering if there is a way to up that to a 4 week supply without canceling my subscription? I figure if I am going to have to wait for shipment, I might as well go the full monty. Thank you!


Anyone? Bueller? Never got a response from a direct inquiry, so any other avenue I can try?


I’ll tag @JulioMiles here. I think I know how but let the expert answer.


We’ll get you upgraded to a 28-pouch subscription, you’ll get an email confirming the upgrade. Thanks for your support, and apologies for the delayed response from customer support.


Thank you, it is much appreciated!


@JulioMiles - I had tried contacting for the same reason, but got a reply on July 2nd from ‘Mugeni’ stating that it wasn’t possible to increase the subscription size, and that I should wait until I got my first shipment before placing a new subscription order. I’m not sure if it’s a new policy or enhancement to the subscription system allowing upgrades now, or if you just pulled some of your magic powers, but I’d appreciate being able to get my subscription bumped up…all this anticipation waiting for my first shipment has me wanting MORE :wink:


I ordered 2 weeks in May and wanted to up that to 4 weeks too. Emailed info@soylent and multiple weeks later was told it wasn’t possible by one of the support techs and that I just had to wait until the first one shipped and then reoder.

So they are wrong now or something is just being handled unfairly?


I noticed this same problem. On the page where you can modify your subscription info there is no place to increase the order size and just a button to cancel the order.