Change The Name

Please change the product name and the box artwork.

The name Soylent is related to the 1970’s movie Soylent Green, about people’s bodies being ground up in a secret genocide and cannibalism to prevent overpopulation. The “survey for Soylent - Free Your Body” email on April 1st 2014 didn’t help me trust or be loyal to Rosa Labs. Months later I cancelled my backerkit order. I didn’t reorder because I’m be too embarrassed to let my neighbors see the Soylent box. I don’t donate Soylent to senior nutrition programs or other food charities. I don’t recommend Soylent to people on the internet looking for ready to eat foods.

The plain white box with the large-lettered word “soylent” makes product look more creepy. Maybe the next box design should say Rosa Labs in large letters and the six-sided geometric figure as a logo be next to the name Rosa Labs. Or, have each side of the whole box covered with hundreds of small versions of the six-sided logo fit together like bee-hive honeycomb. The logo or name of the company on the box allows you to keep the same box design for future products and you can ship a number of different products in the same box. I hope Rosa Labs in sincere in it’s efforts to create ready to eat foods good enough for dinner and a name you can be proud to share with others.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you, though we’re in the distinct minority on this forum. The product name and the company’s idiosyncratic CEO are two reasons why I feel that Soylent is forever relegated to being a niche product and will never have widespread appeal.


Nah bro, they’re doing great with the current name, it attracts a lot of attention. The simplistic packaging has also turned into something of a staple that people recognize, so I doubt that’ll change.

I wouldn’t worry too much about what other people think in your case, you’re not gonna get beat up over it. I’ve actually made a lot of friends by introducing people at college to Soylent.


The name is great, if only for being memorable and a good conversation starter.

As we all know here, the name isn’t based on the movie, but the book on which the movie was based in which Soylent was made of soy and lentils.

Also, the artwork is terrifically and futuristically simple.


Really? Because the box it comes in is a plain cardboard box just like everything else I order. The only difference is the lack of Amazon branded tape…

Also Soylent Green is a pretty old movie, and not everyone saw it. I don’t think about it much, frankly the concept of replacing food has been more difficult to explain than the name. Most people don’t get the reference.


I probably never would have remembered the name, and therefore never tried the product, if it had not been named what it is. Definitely should keep it…


In my experience if you order a single box of Soylent 1.5 it ships directly in the white Soylent box, whereas if you order 2+ boxes they will come inside a larger cardboard box.


I hope so. As things are now, I’m working on ideas and recipes with other foods to try to invent ready to eat foods or nearly ready to eat foods. I’ll keep watching for new products from Rosa Labs.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’m quite disappointed that the new product in a bottle is still called Soylent. But there is some hope in another comment where Trad mentioned that RR (I guess Rhinehart) may develop more new products. Hopefully solid food product may have a new name and I can be assured it won’t be shipped in a box called Soylent.

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Its crazy that someone thinks a business should change their whole business just because they dont like the look and name, get over it already, enjoy the product or move along


Soylent wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it is today without the name, period.


The product name reference is being brought up because of popularity of meme rather than the movie itself.

Very few people that bring it up have actually seen the movie - the 42 year old cinematic turd, unbearable to watch by today’s standards. Referring to Soylent Green’s premise is like trying to raise the film’s profile - except you can’t, because this thing is no Schindler’s List. You can’t really be disturbed by its plot idea because it’s implausible Sci-Fi crap.

If we were that sensitive, we would object to jokes or marketing of zombie or vampire themes - after all, they relate to some gruesome fictional work or legends.


Every time I’ve ordered Soylent, the white Soylent boxes have been inside generic brown cardboard boxes. If you order 24 bottles of Soylent 2.0, I can assure you that that the two white Soylent 2.0 boxes will be packed up onto a plain, unmarked brown cardboard box. (If it’s just one box or 12 bottles of Soylent 2.0, it might come on its own, I don’t know.)

But if your fear is that your neighbours are going to think you’re a cannibal that is… crazy.

By the way, the name “soylent” originally comes from the 1966 novel Make Room! Make Room!, on which Soylent Green is based. In the novel, soylent is made from soy beans and lentils (hence the name) and is not secretly made from people. It’s vegan, just like Rosa Labs’ Soylent.


In my experience, one box of Soylent 1.5 will come without an outer box, but one box of Soylent 2.0 will still come in a brown cardboard box.


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Hydrox used to be the real stuff and Oreo the knock off…

Hydrox derived its name from the atoms comprising water. In 1908, the creators of the cookie were looking for a name that would convey “purity and goodness.”[2] Since water is known for those qualities, they developed the name from the elements making up a water molecule. Market research later determined that the name was not well received and was more evocative of cleaning solutions than cookies.

Name and branding does matter…


From the Planet Money podcast:



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Yes, we’re waiting for you to release your competing product and show how much better you can do.


You should primarily be embarrassed for not mentioning that the word “soylent” came from the Harry Harrison book that the movie’s based on, in which soylent is just made from soya and lentils, not people.


Who wants to add a row for Soylent? :wink: