Changed subscription weeks ago but transaction just posted for previous subscription volume

My subscription last month was for 28 bags at $255. A few days later, the price dropped. Yay! Then a week or so later I changed my subscription to 7 bags. Today, I was charged for 28 bags and even worse, it was for $255 instead of $216 the new rate. WTF?

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Have you emailed support? That’ll be the quickest way to get help, they don’t actively provide support on the forums.

Yeah, mailed them like the sticky says. Hopefully if the community at large has also experienced this issue, it can be identified and resolved for all users.

You’ve been grandfathered in! Unfortunately at the older, more expensive price :confused:

Taggng @Conor because I think that’s what we’re meant to do in situations like this.

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Even if its just a singular event we will strive to find and solve the issue.

I am continually disappointed by your support.

I was told that my 28 bags had already shipped and that I would be refunded for the extra 21 bags and that I could keep the extra 21 bags because they had already shipped. Turns out they had not shipped and a shipping notification came that said 7 bags shipped and now I feel like I lost 21 free bags. At least the refund came. A shipping notification is a bag of soylent not. Word from your support is not to be trusted.

For my entry into one of the contests, I got a large T-Shirt instead of a small like I had requested.

The billing and shipping are way out of sync. Even your shipping notifications go out at least a week before the soylent ships. On the main site page, there is a statement that says new orders ship in 48 hours. Maybe I will put my subscription on hold and order as a new customer next time and see if you guys can get your act together. Just because you print a shipping label does not mean you can claim that something has shipped, that is deceitful.

I expect better organization and support. I get better support at McDonalds and that is just disgusting.

That hasn’t been true for me, at least recently. I never received a shipping notification for my initial Soylent 2.0 preorder (product received three days after launch), but for my second order of 2.0 and my last three powder orders of 1.5, the delay between the shipping notification email and actual shipping was zero days (2.0), one day (1.5), one day (1.5), and zero days (1.5), according to the shipping notification emails and the (still working!) FedEx tracking numbers.

Have you been in contact with support, or just posting here? Emailing is still the preferred/official support channel, AFAIK.

I’m sorry, but to me it just seems like some people like to complain.
Free Soylent? Free t-shirt? Don’t be complaining.

Sure, support might not be the fastest sometimes or whatever, but come on.


I get the idea behind his frustration, sort of, but I still don’t think I’d come here and complain about not receiving free Soylent. The refund was the resolution. The extra Soylent should be seen as a nice bonus, not something owed to him. It’s not like he paid for 28 bags, received 7 bags, and wasn’t refunded. That would be totally different.