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Surprising and tacky. Not everyone drinks alcohol, many of us avoid it for health reasons.


Some people in this forum post about Soylent brownies and milk. I don’t drink milk. Others avoid milk for health reasons.

But I don’t think the posts are surprising and tacky.

I feel bad for you that an insignificant thing like a facebook post causes such a visceral reaction.


Big difference between alcohol and milk & brownies. Maybe folks who’ve never had a problem with alcohol would understand.


Yes, astute observation: there is a difference between alcohol and brownies and milk.

Still, quite a visceral reaction to a facebook post mentioning Bailey’s. If you think the mere mention of alcohol is tacky, or surprising, I wonder (sincerely), how you get along in day-to-day living. For instance, do you find horses tacky because of the association of Clydesdales and Budweiser?

[Edit/Addendum: I don’t drink.]


I thought it was great and I plan to give it a try shortly.


Soylent is supposed to be about good nutrition right? But now they’re posting reciped that include hard liquor. From the CDC:
"Drinking too much can harm your health. One in 10 deaths among working-age adults aged 20–64 years are due to excessive alcohol use.
Excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of preventable death. This dangerous behavior accounted for approximately 88,000 deaths per year from 2006–2010, and accounted for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults aged 20–64 years. Excessive alcohol use shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years.

This is a trolling. If you make more posts like this they will be flagged.


It isn’t trolling. At all. I’m taking your word that creating this topic isn’t trolling on your part. Please afford me the same courtesy.

Soylent is about providing 100% nutrition on a daily basis. Soylent does not (as far as I know) make claims about avoiding alcohol. Soylent in no way encourages “excessive use” of alcohol.


Oh come on, there have got to be people that have thought of this type of mix already. I even saw a post somewhere in the forums that someone sometimes adds jaguar or kaluah to flavor their soylent. It’s not that big of a deal.


Hi @Zenman

To clear up any confusion. This is going to be a regular type of post. That is to say we always try recipes with Soylent. One of the core aspects of Soylent is that the user can adjust it to fit his or her needs. We have a long list of recipes of our own creation and some we have found on discourse (please submit more ideas!). The goal is to show that Soylent does not just end when one adds water and shakes. Rather is can be changed for any occasion. Want to add flavor? Blueberries and almonds blended with ice tastes nice :smile: Need a kick of caffeine in the morning, add some espresso / coffee.

I apologize if the post offended you. It was not the intention, the goal is to show Soylent as a highly flexible substance. As with anything involving alcohol enjoy responsibly.

Hopefully the next recipe post will be more to your likely and something you can try at home.


The first thing Colbert did with it was add alcohol. I don’t drink the stuff either and never have and find the entire concept of it disgusting and I don’t like being around people who are drinking. But hey, I find nearly everything people talk about adding to their Soylent to be absolutely horrendous. To each their own. People are gonna drink, it’s that simple. Just look at how well prohibition fared. shrug


I like alcohol personally, but I don’t really drink much of it lately since I became a father. I see nothing wrong in such a facebook post, though I would probably have shown other examples as the first time if it was me :smiley:

My Soylent alcoholic drink would likely be Kahlua and Vodka


I personally like to cut my cocaine with Soylent and do a line or two a day.


Most of the world is lactose intolerant. In the short term, moderate dairy consumption would be far more disruptive to their systems than moderate alcohol use.

The sugar in brownies is adverse to plenty of people, most notably diabetics.

Brownie/dairy mixtures do not offend me, despite the negative effects they have on (a ton of) people.


It’s a strange thing to be offended by I will say (if people were offended). It is almost like vegans being offended by people eating meat. Followed by them telling the person how offended they are. Do note that I came from a different culture than most of you.


To explain a bit…Light alcohol use can actually have some health benefits, but it’s a fine line between what is healthy and what is unhealthy use of alcohol. We all know that many, many people lose control of it and all kinds of physical and mental health problems result, as well as very regretful behavior. It actually destroys lives. I’ve seen it happen firsthand. I’ve personally been sober 17 years.

Soylent is all about easy nutrition, and I’m one of Soylent’s biggest fans. I think they’re best served to stick to nutrition, and not promote or encourage unhealthy lifestyles or behaviors. I’m trying to picture Abbott Labs providing recipes for Vodka and Ensure cocktails, or any other product related to healthy eating or nutrition doing something similar. Yes @vanclute, Colbert added alcohol to it, but that was a comedy show, and it was a joke. I actually thought it was hilarious, but it wasn’t supposed to be serious.

Anyway, I realize I’m in the minority here.


Surprising and tacky. Not everyone drinks alcohol, many of us avoid it for health reasons.

…and, some of us add alcohol for health reasons.


Countless vegans (especially those who are so for political reasons) are offended by people eating meat. See PETA.

Valid point for sure.


So next time show it with nicotine, cocaine, heroine, marijuana, LSD then? I dont mean to offend you with this post, i just wanted to illustrate to you how your post appears. Or how your goal ( to use alcohol with it) appears?


Honestly I didn’t start this thread to start a flame war. (Not that one has started) But I genuinely care about this product and company and want it to succeed, and be respected. I know it’s mostly run by people in their 20s, and I get that showing recipes of Soylent w/ alcohol is kind of edgy, kind of hip, and kind of cheeky etc. Just wanting it to be more healthfully based. Ok, go to bed now Zenman.


I’m offended by someone using Facebook.