Changes in bowel activity?


OK so this thread is likely to get a little personal & “gross” but hey, it’s important stuff and it needs to be discussed!

Has anyone noticed any changes in their gastronomic/bowel/excretion activities since going on Soylent? Preferably folks on Official Soylent but DIY insights might be helpful too. Specifically wondering about things like changes in frequency, consistency, smell, etc.

So far I’ve noticed that I have more gas than normal (normal being pretty close to none) but I attribute that to actually getting my full allotment of fiber every day - something that has probably never happened in my entire life. Also the gas is pretty stinky! Hoping that fades. My other half has noticed very strong smelling urine as well. Anyone have similar observations? Will this sort of thing fade with time?


Sorry, but the smell and gas are usually side effects of a healthy diet :frowning:


Yeah I was kinda thinking that could end up being the case. My whole life, I’ve basically never had any odor, body or otherwise (cept maybe for the occasional bad breath =) and despite being generally healthy, I’m suspecting that my lacking of certain things was actually responsible for the lack of scent. Go figure!

Anyone had anything concerning to report? Or notice any other such changes?


I believe the gas is a result of your stomach not being used to the sudden change in diet and ought to pass in a few days or so. That’s actually why when I get my Soylent I plan on easing into it rather than switching all at once.


Every time I’ve put raw oats in my smoothies I get bad bloating and gas. I tried Bob’s red mill oat flour in my smoothies a few months ago and got such bad effects that I reduced my Soylent order from one month back down to one week because I knew Soylent contains oat flour as a main ingredient. Fingers crossed that the oat flour Soylent contains is processed in a way that makes it less gassy or easier to digest in some way.


It’s probably something that your gut flora likes, like the fiber or such. My bets are that it will decrease in a few days… but since you had none before (gas) I will promis you it will continue as that is the norm for humans on a “normal” diet


Most of the gas and digestive issues should hopefully pass (no pun intended) by your second week, based on the anecdotal evidence I’ve found on this forum and on people’s blogs. The sulfur makes the gas smell bad, so if it doesn’t completely go away that may be something you’re stuck with. The only comments I’ve seen regarding urine are about it being dark, which is common when taking vitamin supplements (particularly B vitamins IIRC), but I haven’t seen any comments on the smell of urine until yours. Is your partner getting enough other fluids throughout the day, or just the water in their Soylent?

Since you’ve got a lead on official Soylent consumption over most people on this forum, it’d be great if you could keep us updated as to any changes.

@BriBy just finished his first month on DIY. Perhaps he could weigh in here?


Of the two of us, she’s the one who generally drinks like the proverbial fish (water I mean). I’m the “camel” who typically doesn’t drink a damn thing and is somehow never adversely affected by it. LOL

At the moment I’ve been getting all of my water with my Soylent. Not intending to, I just haven’t really thought about drinking much. But then that’s kinda normal for me.

Will definitely keep our eyes, noses, etc. peeled for any further changes and will let you all know of anything interesting!


The Ars Technica series had some comments about gas in the second article, and by the third day it sounded like it had generally settled down. He was also having some issues with over-fullness (solved by not trying to finish a whole bag each day), but that may be unrelated to any of your concerns.


Yeah no problem with over-fullness at all. I just mix up a pitcher at night (or whenever we’re running low) and we both drink whenever we feel the need. Haven’t even been counting or portioning really at all. So far we’ve mixed up 2 pouches worth, and are only about halfway through the second pitcher. But there has been a bit of regular food thrown into the mix so, hard to really determine exactly how much we’ve been consuming.

I don’t think I could “overeat” on Soylent if I wanted to. I pretty quickly reach a nice comfortable point of satisfaction and just don’t want anymore. I even noticed that when we went out to dinner this evening at a Mexican restaurant, I ate WAY less chips than I normally would, and also only ate half of my dinner and took the rest home. Not because I was trying to cut back or anything, but I just really didn’t want anything more than that. Was a very interesting observation.


As interesting point of fact, that was exactly the problem the author had - this was earlier on in the beta, and he had mistakenly assumed that a full (then 2400cal) pouch must be consumed each day for a good micro balance. So he reached “don’t want any more” 2/3 of a pouch in, but still tried to shove the rest down his throat, resulting in general misery.


Oh wow, yeah that would be all sorts of no fun. I couldn’t imagine doing that!


As a directly related topic to digestion and fullness, how much Soylent would you say you’re consuming relative to your “normal” calorie intake?

The question has come up a few times as to whether Soylent calories end up as somehow “more effective” calories – in other words, the idea that someone who normally holds stable at say around 3000 “real food” dropping down to only 2000Soylent to feel satiated.


my urine is now bright neon yellow as my body goes : eww what the hell are these vitamin things, i have never seen them before go awaaaayyy!!!


This bright neon urine concerns me, as a person who has had two kidney transplants I am wondering if there are adverse effects on the kidneys. Does anyone have any blood work, or urinalysis results that would confirm or alleviate my concerns?


Bright yellow
Urine that looks nearly neon-colored may seem somewhat alarming, but the cause is most likely nothing more sinister than your daily multivitamin pill. “The B vitamins and carotene in particular give the urine a deeper, more golden color,” says Dr. Deborah J. Lightner, associate professor of urology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. And don’t worry: That brightly colored urine means you’re simply pissing away all of your expensive supplements. The urine color can be affected as the vitamins filter through your system—even as they are being absorbed and utilized.


I had our renal dietitian review the Soylent™ Formula and there is nothing extra that you would get from a healthy diet. That said some meds don’t go well with some foods. (Eg. Grapefruit and some blood pressure meds) I would recommend bringing your Soylent ™ to your transplant Pharmacist for any potential interactions. As for blood work I had mine done after 5 months of beta Soylent ™ with no change in renal function. I did have a 20% decrease in lipids. I know @rob has been tracking his for a year now. When he gets through this first round of shipping maybe he can give an update.


This is purely by “feel” since I’m not carefully tracking how much I consume, but my sense is definitely in line with what you describe here. Soylent does somehow feel more satisfying than solid food. I know that on my first day with Soylent, I consumed a breakfast that comes to 240 calories, and at night I consumed another ~90 calories of solid food, everything else was Soylent. I went through maybe 60%-70% of the pitcher since I was sharing it with my gal. So if that’s accurate, then my calorie intake was only maybe 200-400 calories less than a typical day, and I didn’t feel lacking even in the slightest.

Last night we went out to eat at a local restaurant, so that skews any attempt to track my caloric intake for the day, but I think today will probably be an all-Soylent day, so I’ll try to keep better track of how much I consume and see how I feel.


Have you tried beano? The product is pretty good and settling the stomach and gas issues. Might be a good idea until your body gets used to it.


Great point, we have beano too as my other half has always eaten vegetables so needed to have it around. I’ve never taken it, but maybe now’s a good time to start Thanks!