Changing Subscription Issues

I’ve tried to change my subscription from 7 bags to 28 bags and get the green success message but on the website it still says “Soylent Powder 1.5 — 28 Meals (7 Bags) monthly”

I’ve looked around and even changed to to the 28 bag plan multiple times but there’s no where I can confirm that it’s changed. I’m wondering if it’s simply a UI issue and I can expect my next shipment to be a full month’s supply or if I’ll just get 7 bags.

Feel free to contact their customer service, don’t worry about being a bother they have a big team.

You might also want to post in Official Subscription Customer Feedback, instead of creating a new thread.

And email

Yeah, ended up sending something through the contact form @Sententia linked to included details on my specific subscription ID with that one. Was hoping for some replies from other people saying how this is normal when trying to change but doesn’t look like it. Next bill date is the 9th and hoping I get the larger amount and support emails can sometimes take a while, especially since a weekend is coming up.