Changing Subscription to Manual Reorders


I know there are quite a few topics about changing subscriptions, but they weren’t answering my question.

My question is whether there is an option to get off of the automatic subscription and instead have a manual reordering system. I want to know if this can be done without becoming a new customer that has to wait a long time in a queue. Is it safe to cancel my subscription and do one-time re-orders?

Currently I am going through a bag of Soylent every 2 days. I have a month of 1.1 that I will start soon, and 1.2 is being shipped to me. It could take me about 4 months until I’ve actually run out. I’d prefer to have control over reorders happen rather than changing my subscription.


@Soylent has said they’ll be changing their subscription portal pretty soon, to something more flexible.

For now, it’s totally safe to cancel your subscription and do one-time reorders, as long as you use the same email address. That’s how they identify you as an existing customer, and you won’t have to go back in line.


I prefer doing manual reorders, at least for now. A two week supply lasts me over a month.

What I would change, if I could:

  1. Streamline the reorder process, default shipping address, billing address from email address,
    re-enter only if changed.

  2. FedEx should allow an “amazon locker” type service. I don’t want them to even attempt to deliver at home, there’s no one there here the day, and there’s a kinkos/fedex less them a mile from my home. I DO NOT WANT packages left on my porch.


I really hope that @Soylent figures something out soon. I only ended up using about half of my first month, and they’re already shipping out my second month.

My wish list of features would include (in no particular order):

  • Change subscription amount (use case: I have 14 bags/month, I want 28 bags/month)
  • Pause subscription (use case: I’m going on vacation for several weeks, and won’t be using Soylent)
  • Custom reorder length (use case: I use about 3/4 of a full serving per day, so I want 28 bags every ~37 days)
  • Manual reordering (use case: My Soylent use is not consistent enough to know exactly when I’ll run out)


Manual reordering is a thing already, thankfully. They have one time (manual) reorders alongside their subscriptions.


I think the same with #3 custom reorder (length) size. If you are consuming less than full bag a day, why you cannot order 1+2 weeks subscription (21 bags) every cycle?
21 bags per 28 days is the same as 28 bags per 37 days.