Changing the name to something less bland?


Hey, this may be sort of a moot point, but I feel like the name of this product shouldn’t be soylent. Naming the product soylent makes it sound unenjoyable and bland. If @rob is looking to market it, he should change the name to something more vibrant or appealing. Thoughts?


I think that rob is using the soylent to help other understand the meaning of the product. The vibrant and appealing can be done with marketing and nice websites, etc…


Someone else made a point that maybe he can’t use the name for copyright reasons? He should probably look into that…


I personally think that the name is exactly why it is attracting so much attention.

Fundamentally it isn’t very much different than products that are already on the market, but anyone who hears the name instantly associates it with the book or movie. It has a futuristic connotation and it’s understood that Soylent is for the masses – not just for bodybuilders, the sick and elderly.


I love the name! Soylent is unenjoyable and bland, so the name fits. :wink: I think that sort of dystopian future-food feel that Soylent has (in name and the product itself) is funny and don’t see a reason to go away from that.

Clearly, from a marketing aspect, there’s plenty of people who are interested in this sort of thing, and the people who aren’t interested wouldn’t change their minds because of the name.


I agree that the whole dystopian future-food feel is cool. I am totally with you there. However, there are possible untapped markets who either could be turned off from the bland name or don’t buy into the whole scifi future deal. I don’t think you can simply dismiss everybody by saying they wouldn’t change their mind because of the name. That’s the whole idea behind brand marketing.


The name is amazing and think it is really helping the project stand out.
If rob was had a marketing background it would be called something like: EcoNutri Light Plus

IANAL but i don’t there will be trademark issues in the US.


Oh god now I really want to see a fictional product called EcoNutri Light Plus. Such a gr8 name must not be wasted.


I don’t know anything about marketing or branding but I’m a big fan of underpromising and overdelivering. You’re right it doesn’t sound that amazing, but it is to me.

Soylent is supposed to disrupt the food that is all marketing and nutritionally disastrous. I’d like to differentiate by being honest and up front. Most food sold is all branding and taste. I feel there’s a wealth of science and chemistry to food and nutrition that is largely ignored by the main players in the industry. They just make what they know people recognize and want. Fatty, salty food is sold because that’s what people demand. There is a serious gap in the market for cheap, convenient, healthy food.

The name kind of fades in to the background after you say it enough too. My brain has become accustomed to a positive association with the word ‘soylent’. If I’ve had ‘real’ food for two meals in a row my mouth waters at the mention of the word soylent. Your body learns. The stomach is connected to the brain. Think about ‘coffee’. That’s a terrible name. It sounds like ‘coffin’ or ‘coughing’. But no one notices because it’s become its own idea and most people have formed an association with it, good or bad.

I own the trademark. It could be sold under a different name in addition to soylent for marketing purposes. That’s pretty common. Some conservative people may never be able to get past the name. I considered the name ‘manna’ but it’s heavily trademarked, and a little cheesy. I’m open to suggestion.


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I LOVE the name! if anything make it green and have the bottle say “People free since 2013”


After having talked to a few people at my work, I honestly got a bad backlash. People related it to eat humans (after the movie)

Probably something to overcome later on

 The name "Soylent" gives instant brand differentiation.  The viral spread that will occur when the media finds out that Soylent is on shelves will be better than you can imagine.  Do not change that.  


Your coworkers sound like people I don’t want to be around.


My coworkers are actually kind of fun and pretty decent people. They were just saying their initial thought was that is a really bad name.


I find that other languages are a good place to get ideas for English language product names.


  • Alimento (food, nourishment, aliment, nutriment)
  • Avivar (fuel, enliven, revive, stimulate, whip up, brighten)
  • Vida (life, living, lifetime, existence, love, liveliness)
  • Perpetua (life)


  • Durata (duration, life, length, period, endurance, span)


  • Miruvor (Appearing in The Lord of the Rings, miruvor is a warm and fragrant clear cordial of the Elves. It gives the drinker renewed strength and vitality. :wink: )

Anyway, I’m sure you can all play with Google translate too.

But, in general, keep Soylent, I like the name.


+1 for LOTR

Elvish Bread is Lembas


totally. keep the name.


Keep the name, it’s perfect, it’s the only reason for my initial interest in this product.


While it wasn’t the name that caught me (I have neither heard of the book nor the movie), I think it’s perfect. Both the connotations and the general structure of the word.

Please don’t change it. Especially not to some silly marketing slogan.