Charged for shipment, but never received


I have a 28bags/month subscription for Soylent. I received an e-mail on Dec 10 saying my payment had been declined and I needed to update the information. I did update my information, and I was subsequently charged for my December shipment of Soylent. However, I still haven’t received the items or even a shipping confirmation e-mail. I’m writing to see whether there was some kind of error in shipping out my December subscription, and to make sure that I get the Soylent packages or get a refund. I e-mailed the Soylent official e-mail several weeks ago, but still haven’t heard back. I have an invoice for my shipment that confirms my payment, if I’d need to provide that.



i had the exact same problem. i emailed three or four times throughout december and didn’t get a reply. i tweeted them and they got things going. i ended up being able to choose to get a month shipped or a refund. since i had already received my next shipment, i just asked for a refund.


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The same exact thing happened to me too. Updated my card info early Dec. They finally sent me my shipment a month later, Jan 2nd, but they charged me for it a second time. I emailed them over a week ago to get the second charge refunded, that’s $255 I can’t afford. and no word back.

If @Soylent sees this before my email, it is under email address



Similar issue. Had ordered a few times before. Signed up 12/3/14 for monthly subscription.

On 1/7/15,today, went looking for what became of it, found out I had been billed for BOTH December and January but NO PRODUCT SHIPPED OR RECEIVED.

Emailed them… will find out, but this is pretty poor.




@walrusplant + @Voldrix + @mpwhite2 The following applies to all of you: The second charge (additional, for which you didn’t receive Soylent) has been refunded to you. It takes 5-10 business days to clear back to your card. We appreciate you letting us know and giving us the opportunity to fix it. Our apologies for the inconvenience this caused you. We are currently in the process of increasing our support team to more efficiently handle issues such as these. Thanks again for your patience.

@walrusplant and @mpwhite2 you should have received shipping notifications for your current installment – your Soylent is currently en route.


This exact issue has happened to me as well. I was charged for my shipment, but have received nothing. I’m about 10 days from my next shipment and still have not received my December order.


I’m in the same boat, @Soylent. I was charged for my 28 day subscription late November and received my first 1 week order mid December. I would have expected a delivery late December, but I figured because of the Holidays I would wait a bit longer. I sent an email a few days ago, but this forum seems to get a bit of a faster response.


I too was billed on 12/29 for invoice #24277, but have not received any notification of shipping. I sent an email to support last week, but so far have just gotten the auto-reply.


@SNH03063 + @Kuraishi + @rlg: your recent subscription order has been scheduled to ship within 5-7 business days. Expect the tracking email in that timeframe. We’re looking into what might have caused the subscriptions to be left out of the recent batch of shipments. Our apologies for the inconvenience this causes. Also, the emails sent from all 3 of you have been assigned to a member of our support team (James). He’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm contact. Feel free to reach out to him with any other service requests. Thanks!


@Soylent : I certainly haven’t been contacted by James in the last 24 hours.


@Soylent I have not received any communication from James either. Is there a way to refund my order for December since I was just charged for my January order yesterday?



@Soylent I think I fall under this issue as well. My third subscription was charged in December and no response from Customer Care.

Can I please get a refund for invoice: 21898?

I was just charged again yesterday, invoice: 29303

Thanks guy.

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@Soylent. At 46 hours, I got an email from “James” with nothing but the now very standard 5-7 days mantra. I immediately replied with a follow up regarding not being immediately recharged again (as some on this board have been), and haven’t received a response in over 40 hours. Whatever “support” James is supplying isn’t worth a Soylent fart.


@Soylent I had the same issue, though I can’t see that I was charged twice (though I am due to be charged tomorrow for my next subscription without having received my December order). I was charged on 12/18 (after an error message to update my card info on 12/17), figured maybe there was a delay due to the holidays, so gave it some time. The invoice number is: 23300. Sent two emails to customer support, heard back about five days later from a rep saying my shipment would go out this week. That was Monday, and today is Friday. No shipment email. So…even if I receive a shipment verification at this point, it’s still going to be more than a week before I get my December order?
Come on guys…you can be so much better than this. I’ve been talking you to up everyone because I love the product, but this has been pretty upsetting. Honestly you should be overnighting to your subscribers at this point. This is so disappointing. :frowning:


@Soylent, it’s been 6 days since the last time I heard communication from this team. I was never contacted by James, my emails only get automated responses, and I have not received a shipping statement. Which I’m guessing means I won’t be receiving a package this week as stated previously. This order is almost a month late, and based on other posts in this thread and numerous others, I’m not the only one worried about being charged twice.

It’s very frustrating to be charged for a product up front and being told every week to just give it another week. If the team is not capable of manufacturing at this rate at the moment, please be truthful with your customers, and give us appropriate dates. If it is going to take you more than a month to fulfill a recurring shipment, at least say that somewhere and handle the charges appropriately instead of leaving us to rage on the forums for for having such lackluster communication. /rant

Sorry for the outburst, I do appreciate your time and support, thank you.


The staff is currently busy rolling in piles of cash.


@Soylent Hello folks, has invoice 30890 shipped yet? Credit card has been charged - no email notification of shipping.

Thank you,



@Soylent I’m in the same boat as all the other folks in this thread.

I had my first order shipped on 12/12/14 (order #20859), and then I started a subscription plan on 12/16/14, where I was charged for my first month. I’ve just been charged for my second month, but haven’t received my first month yet!

The emailed attached to this account is the same email as my order. Someone mind helping me out?