Charged on 10/2, Still No Product


@soylent - I was charged for my next Soylent on 10/1, but haven’t even gotten a shipping notice yet. My next billing date is supposed to be 10/29.

Invoice number is 8902.

What’s up?



Get used to waiting. There are orders at the end of the backerkits and orders place after the cut off that are waiting. The was also an email that was sent less than an hour ago that has further delays.


Once your subscription starts - as mine has - it was promised that there would be no delays.


Yeah…about that. Check the feedback section, look for fulfillment update dated 9/3


I had read that. Nothing in it indicates any change in policy affecting subscribers who have already been receiving monthly shipments.


Tag a request for info with @Soylent and see. I was told 10 days ago by @JulioMiles my order would be out soon (ordered 6/23/14, now 4-6 weeks more). So something has changed and when it changes it changes for everyone…usually


There are no delays affecting active subscriptions. Looking into this now @mmarshall80, we’ll get your shipment out ASAP!


Then please explain the email I just got, please. @Soylent.


As I said: once your subscription actually starts, they are guaranteeing timely deliveries. Your email was in regards to a first order, not an existing / already begun subscription.

Your comment about delays affecting everyone equally is not the method Soylent is using. They’ve chosen instead to focus on onboarding people to timely delivery. (Once you started, you shouldn’t have delays.)

(My original order was in July 2013. So I waited a fair amount, too.)


I ordered June 6th and got mine today smile


Hi @mmarshall80 – incredibly sorry for the delay in your subscription shipment delivery. It will be going out on Monday.


Your subscription isn’t active yet.


Edited non-angry version…but leaving the facts so this thread makes sense:

I was sent a month’s supply of 1.0 on 10/17, after we were promised no more 1.0 would ship.

Later: Soylent fixed this.

@JulioMiles, @SOYLENT, @ana


Our 28 bags delivered a few days ago are all 1.0 as well. Personally I don’t mind as I wasn’t sure I was ready to switch to 1.1 anyway… but yeah it flies in the face of the email they sent out. Not sure what gives.


[angry post retracted, it added nothing to the discourse]


Personally I feel this particular issue is probably more about someone being told something was the case (we’re all done shipping 1.0, it’s only 1.1 from today onwards) and then communicating that information to all of us, when it was actually incorrect. I suspect there was still in fact a bit of 1.0 in the pipeline. I think either more fact checking needs to be done before things are announced, or they need to be announce in less absolute terms. Like “we are shipping the last of the 1.0 Soylent now and beginning to introduce 1.1 into the pipeline. We anticipate being 100% 1.1 within 3 weeks”. That would’ve been a far “safer” (and evidently more accurate) way to phrase it.


@mmarshall80 calm down you got your Soylent. It may not of been 1.1 like you where expecting but it is still Soylent. Rosa Labs still has leftover 1.0 and to think they where just going to throw it away when they started shipping 1.1 is unrealistic. I know your disappointed and that’s upsetting. Just breathe, calm down and enjoy your Soylent.


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I don’t understand this. You were charged on 10/1.

1.1 wasn’t announced until 10/2.

So, when you were charged on 10/1 what did you expect you would receive?


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