Charged twice for subscription and no shipments arrived yet


I originally purchased a one month supply of soylent to try it out and see if I liked it. After months of waiting I received it and decided to continue using it. On December 17th I started an annual subscription and was charged 255. I was again charged 255 on the 14th of January and have still not received my first annual subscription shipment. I have e-mailed twice over this and have still not received a response back either. The customer support system for this product is extremely annoying and leaves customers in the dark with no response for very long periods of time. This needs to be rectified quickly both the lack of shipment and charging me again without properly shipping the first month’s supply. I will be seeking assistance on rectifying the issue through other means if this is not resolved quickly…


@Soylent tagging the Soylent team for you. You are not alone in this happening recently, it seemed like december caused a lot of shipping problems. They are also in the process of increasing production 50x and customer support too. Which is bound to cause problems sadly. I am sure someone will fix your problem over the next few days.


Sigh, this has been up for well over two business days with no reply and my e-mails to them are also still yet to be answered. I guess a fraudulent activity ticket will have to be opened with my bank. Really sad that I have to do this especially since I do like the product.


I’ve now also been charged twice. I finally got an email back 8 days ago promising that I would receive something soon, but haven’t heard from or had a response to any other emails since… sigh. I really like the product but paying $130/mo to receive nothing is kind of tiring.


@JulioMiles, I hope those applications for the customer service job are flowing like a coursing river right now…


I got a message from @soylent last night apologizing and stating that shipments would go out in about two weeks. I am OK with it, and glad that they are responding to messages. My main issue was no product and the silent treatment, but it seems that they are at the very least making an effort to communicate.


My bank asked me to wait a little longer and give them a chance to make things right before they have to get involved. @Soylent I suggest you get your act together quickly.


Finally got a reply from @Soylent. They are supposed to be shipping things again soon but did not mention a refund for the extra month charged so had to message them again, sigh.


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