Charging at the time of order vs. at time of shipping


I have a sneaking suspicion that the Soylent practice of charging as soon as the product is ordered rather than just before the product ships is going to bite them in the ass now that they’re no longer in “crowdfund mode” and are supposedly shipping an actual product.

It’s one thing to charge the people who were part of the original crowdfunding project as they pledged (because that’s part of the crowdfunding process), but it’s a whole other ball of wax for joe public who is now ordering under the assumption they’re dealing with a company that has its act together and will be able to fulfill orders as they come in.

I know that if I was somebody who had just read a news article or seen a blog posting and ordered some Soylent today and then had to wait 12 weeks before the item i ordered arrived I’d be pisssssssssed.

it just seems a like a customer service can of worms that you don’t want to open. Hell, i bought in back in December knowing that it could take a while before I got mine, but then this whole shipping fiasco started where none of the parameters for “who gets what first” were followed and the vegans magically got promoted to the front of the line. To me this has already been as big of a customer service failure as you can have.


Oh, I don’t know. I just ordered a rug from LL Bean and they charged me right away even though we both know it will be a month before the rug is (a) made and (b) shipped across the border to me.



the difference is that LL Bean is an established company with decades of positive customer service experience and reports under its belt.

Soylent is vaporware to all but a couple dozen or so people.

I am curious about the rug though. is it made to order or something they generally keep in stock? if it’s made to order I would expect them to take the money in advance because otherwise they have no guarantee that you’ll take delivery upon completion of the rug. if the rug is something they regularly stock then taking your money in advance and asking you to wait a month is kind of rude (and for the same reasons I think it’s rude for Soylent to do it).


I ordered this past week and it said 10-12 weeks from the get-go. I consider myself a purchaser, not a “backer”. If it exceeds the 12 week mark I will have to reconsider. That’s life!


Just to be clear, the point of the link was solely to point out the second part that details how a seller can charge at any point without shipping, given that they also list the expected shipping time, or default of 30 days. And that if they go over, they’re supposed to notify you. This is of course in the US, and not specific to Soylent.

Just good to know in general.


Or, you can just ask them for a refund by emailing


I don’t want any surprises on my credit card when I don’t have the funds to cover it.

When I buy something, I want to be charged for it then and there.

If I am unwilling to wait for shipping, I will not buy it.

The way soylent is doing it is standard practice and works well for me.