Cheap Canadian Soylent Recipe, what essentials am I missing?



Just a couple days into reading as much as I can find on DIY soylent. As I am in Canada it’ll still be a while untill the official Soylent starts shipping.

I’m trying to figure out a Canadian sourced keto diy soylent recipe.

Anybody have any suggestions as to what I may be missing.

Recipe is not meant as a long term recipe but 3/4 weeks at a time.

I was even thinking of supplementing with bulletproof coffee in the am for the added fats, calories.


Hey Canada brother!

Here’s a few suggestions for you:

  1. Sub in canola oil in lieu of the olive oil and butter. Its taste is less pronounced, and it’s a far better source of Omegas. Plus it’s a cheap and local Canadian product. Support Alberta farmers!

  2. If you’re going keto, you’re way over budget on carbs. You’re going to want to gun for 5/30/65 ratio of carbs/protein/fat (as total calories). Dump the cocoa, sugar, and flour.

  3. Switch to a cheaper protein source. The soy protein from True Nutrition is $13.21 per kilo, excluding bulk purchase discounts. You’ll have to pay for shipping to Canada, but it’s still cheaper than $24.25 per kilo your whey protein is costing you right now.

  4. Your multi-vitamin stinks. Try picking up this one from iHerb. Shipping to Canada is dirt cheap for small items from them. It’s a little heavy on the iron, but you aren’t going to poison yourself unless you go over 70mg per day. It’ll cost you $0.46 per day instead of $0.21 per day, but it’s infinitely better.

  5. You need fiber with a ketogenic recipe. Unless you enjoy having explosive diarrhea after every drink, of course. Drop in a boatload of psyllium husks to get yourself to 30g (or more) daily. You can pick them up at dirt cheap prices locally at Bulk Barn.

  6. Ketogenic recipes need an emulsifier to keep the massive amount of fat in solution for an extended period. Take your dry mix, add 0.5% of the weight as soy lecithin, and 0.1% of the weight as xanthan gum. Both of those are also available at Bulk Bark at absurdly low prices.

  7. This is not a criticism specific to your recipe, but more of a general warning: make sure you have adequate sodium, potassium, and magnesium in your recipe before consuming keto soylent for an extended period. Going hard into ketosis like that will drain you of electrolytes something fierce—you’ll have the worst headaches of your life if you aren’t replenishing them regularly. Elemental forms of said minerals can be purchased from Pure Bulk (warning: shipping to Canada is expensive).

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve been doing my own ketogenic DIY soylent for a while and I’ve lost about a small child’s worth of weight doing it.


Hi Joshua,

First of all thank you for your awesome in depth reply. I made some changes would you mind taking another look?
I still need to add an emulsifier.


@blackpanda. Some of his tips are not advisable. 70 mg of iron is dangerous…its way over the upper limit. Use reputable online sources to know which ingredient should be used and by how much.


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