Cheap ketogenic Soylent- is it healthy?


I took QuidNYC’s soylent superfood and turned it into a ketogenic, caloric restricted monster of a formula.

The only question I have now is: regardless of taste- will this be relatively healthy (versuses other versions of diy solylent and otherwise)?

Thanks for reading.
for the people who didn’t read: TL;DR: Is this healthy?


I think you meant to link to your variant; currently all the links are to the original, non-ketogenic version.

To give you feedback though, I eat a normal ketogenic diet without any side effects. I’m not trying to get 100-200% of my micronutrients, although I take a opti-women pill every other day or so and eat broccoli to supplement my vitamin k, which is traditionally deficient in ketogenic diets (and you have a supplement addressing this).

I’m not sure if you’re worried about phytic acid; cocoa powder is very high in it, and you’re including about 4 tbsp worth of cocoa powder into your recipe.