Cheap masa alert


50 pounds


The non-mobile link for anyone who wants it:


Best hurry, price has started to go up, it has gone from $16 to $20.


Does anybody have storage tips/suggestions for 50 pounds of masa?


I’m using this.


brings a whole new meaning to “people chow”. woof.


Just wanted to let people know that I ordered this and can confirm it’s legit. I received mine today! Time for People Chow :slight_smile:



No shipping to Canada booo :frowning:


What’s the texture like? I’ve been staying away from masa because it can be gritty and I can never tell when ordering online if it’s fine enough.


I’ve used a couple of brands, and it really depends on what you buy and how you prep it. I would say mine has a smooth texture similar to a milk shake.

I started out using Masa Brosa for the first month. I was very pleased with it and would use it again if needed. The texture is fine and powdery. I bought my masa at the local Walmart when I first started.

I also had ordered some of this Maseca Brand from Amazon, but hadn’t used it yet as I was finishing off my original supply of Masa Brosa and am now trying out the Blue masa. I have not opened the shipping box, so I can’t comment on the texture, but have heard from others that it is comparable to the Masa Brosa. This would be almost as cheap at Walmart as the first brand.

Finally, I also ordered some of this Blue/Purple Masa from Gold Mine on Amazon. It is more expensive, at $2.40/lb it is about four times the cost of the others. Some people have said it is worth the extra cost, so I thought I’d give it a go. The texture seems a bit coarser than the Masa Brosa and it also seems a bit sweeter, more corny, at first I wasn’t really liking it as much, but I found that a change in prep has helped a lot.

Typically with the White Masa I had been prepping the night before and letting it sit in the fridge. This was working well, and I wasn’t noticing much grit, the grit I was getting seemed to be coming from the flax meal. I have since switched to whole flax seeds and was surprised that I don’t get the same grit as I did with the flax meal, woohoo.

When I started using the Blue Masa the grit again increased. I have been able to alleviate this by mixing the batch early the day before consuming. So now I mix it up the morning before, rather than the night before, and it has made a big difference. I also am letting it blend a bit longer now, when I prep the batch I let it run about 3-4 minutes, I’ll also throw it back on the blender the evening before for 2-3 more minutes, and finally the morning of consumption I will blend it one last time for a couple of minutes. Making these changes made the Blue as smooth as the White had been.

I am curious though, maybe someone who had bought this particular bag can answers this, on the above Amazon ad it calls this Corn Flour, not Masa Harina, but on the smaller Maseca branded bags it does say Masa Harina. Are they the same product, or is this just plain corn flour rather than the nixtamalized masa harina?


I just got the 50lb. bag today. It doesn’t say Masa Harina on the package, but the ingredients list: white corn cooked with lime-water, cellulose gum, fumaric acid and sodium propionate. I’m going to try blending it and see how that improves everything.


Good to know, thanks. I had already ordered a bag and was hoping it would be, hard to pass up that price.


ALERT is OVER… It was 16 bucks But now its back up to 67…


I live in the UK where Masa is difficult to buy cheaply. Is general corn flour just as good a substitute?


“Corn flour” is a vague term that can mean several different things.

There are at least three flour-like substances made from corn:

Cornmeal or corn meal – literally just ground-up corn.

Masa – ground-up hominy, which is nixtamalized corn.

Corn starch or cornstarch – a starch product made from the endosperm of corn.

“Corn flour” or “cornflour” can refer to any of these three things.

According to Wikipedia, “cornflour” (no space) in the UK typically means cornstarch.

Only masa is commonly used for soylent. I’ve heard of a couple people trying cornmeal and and finding it quite unpleasant (the nutrition profile is also different from masa). I’ve never heard of anyone actually trying cornstarch, but I would strongly recommend against it:

I’m going to go out on a limb & say you probably don’t want to drink that.

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