Cheap Vegan No Soy Soylent under $3 a day


Vegan Soylent under $3 per day.
This recipe uses split peas and brown rice for protein and carbs, and flax seed for oil. it should be available anywhere. The only supplements are Kale for vitamin K, Choline, and Calcium. Using whole foods puts Niacin, Folate, and Manganese over the upper Limits, but food sources of these micronutrients are not a problem.


This looks great! You should add some salt (4g would do it) to get the sodium and chloride up to RDA. Very nicely done!

How do you intend to prepare/mix it?


Thats a LOT (94g) of fiber in your recipe.


Be cautious about your iron levels. The amount posted in your recipe is at the upper limit of recommended intake per day (according to This Site). According to the same site, your amount of iron (45mg) is still significantly below the “lowest-observed-adverse-effect level” of 70 mg, but even still. If you’re male (as your recipe DRI indicates), it’s not likely you need much iron in your diet.


This is stunning work. I’m wondering how you take the Kale. Do you just mix it in?


Also, how does this feel in the body? Does it maintain a palatable consistency or does it settle into a crumble at the bottom of the bottle?


I’m really impressed that you have made a nutritionally complete mix with so few components. Really though I think it’s closer to a curry than a shake!

Surely you don’t liquidise this? If you just added some spices you would literally have curry.


As was pointed out earlier, you have almost 3x the recommended amount of fiber for a male eating 2500 calories a day. It’s nearly 4x for a 2000 calorie recipe. Too much fiber seems to be something that should be avoided…