Cheaper alternatives to Soylent?

I would really love to give Soylent a try but it is too expensive. We are too rich to get food stamps but too poor to spend that much on food. Currently $75 per week feeds myself, my wife, and my 3 year old daughter. I have heard a lot of mention of things like Schmoylent and other alternatives but not seen pricing. Is there a more affordable similar alternative?

The affordable alternative is to DIY.


A simple DIY alternative is @axcho’s Schmilk, which costs $4.17 a person a day to make, and which he’ll be selling again for $40/week (minus the whole milk) once his business is up and running again. It’s cheaper, from him, than Soylent, but even cheaper if you make it yourself.

With a three-year-old, you probably keep whole milk around anyway–

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You’d have to make a DIY version yourself. A caveat is that the upfront cost is high.

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Not quite the same as soylent but an ultra cheap meal, have a look at my post on Brose

Thanks! I am definitely going to give Schmilk a try. Might take some convincing for my wife to let me buy all the associated startup costs but hopefully the less than $5 a day will make it easier to talk her into it.

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Upfront cost isn’t always bad. My current recipe gets you the 1st week for $100, and the 2nd week costs $3.

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