Cheaper DIY Whey Protein Supplier

I believe I have found the the cheapest publicly available supplier of whey protein isolate and concentrate. As a side bonus, they’re kosher! Or they claim to be, anyhow. Still working on verifying that one.

Isolate tends to be unreasonably expensive for very little gain over standard concentrate. Still, you can get isolate (if you really want) for under $10/lb in bulk. I’m sure that you could get it even cheaper if you were masking as a corporation - I found an inordinate amount of suppliers for industrial-food grade WPC/WPI, but they refuse to deal with “little people.” :slight_smile:

That said, the prices here knock most of what I’ve seen out of the park - $6.25/lb for bulk WPC is INSANE. Of course, the downside is that this is for 100 lbs., which is also an insane amount of protein to store. Fortunately, the more reasonable 25 lbs. of WPS isn’t really more expensive at ~$160, making it $6.40/lb. and MUCH easier to store.

Holy crud. I paid almost that much for my 15 lbs. of nutraBio!
Well. I think I know where I’m ordering next, barring any exorbitant shipping charges…

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This seems like a very good find, thank you!

However you might think about changing the title as i assumed “Protein Supplier Update” referred to something about Official Soylent and their brown rice protein as it is supposed to arrive in LA soon. Perhaps a title such as “New Cheaper Source of Whey Protein”, this and posting in the DIY catagory would be spot on :wink:

Good Point. Didn’t think of that one. Fixed.

nice, and shipping is free on orders over 60 until the end of this year! (at least to where I am)

Well that settles it then!!!
Think I can get a kickback for sending people their way? :wink:

I use the Ten pound concentrate, great stuff. And yes, cant beat the price.

UPDATE: Kosher certification confirmed!

Cool. As an aside, I noticed the supplier name (Bulk Foods Direct) on a kosher certification list, but didn’t recognize them as part of Novus Life.


Edit: fixed the link (i hope), dealing with .pdf’s is annoying.

Unfortunately, it appears that the supplier has shifted websites (the link is now dead) and their new site has been commercialized. No more cheap WPC through BFD…