cheapest soylent recipe


Here’s a link to one recipe
It seem’s like using the Serious Mass pre-made powder would be more expensive then buying the ingredients separately.
Could the price be cut down below $100 per month?


There’s a thread on that recipe here

And I’ve analyzed it in my spreadsheet here

Be wary about what you consume – not all ‘soylent’ recipes will necessarily contain the nutrients you need and some may overdose you – always double check yourself. This formula is missing a lot of nutrients and some of the totals vary wildly from what’s recommended (I haven’t gone through and checked against toxicity amounts, so I’d double check those before trying it).


You will lose a lot if you cost cut so hard.

If you intend to eat only soylent, you definitely don’t want to do this.

If this is replacing your junk food lunch, however, then I don’t see a problem with some cutting costs to this level.