Chewing leather?


I am realizing that this seems silly, buuuut…

We know that being on 100% soylent will likely not be good for the muscles in our mouths. I don’t want to chew gum all the time because I don’t want to put that much sugar in my mouth all the time. So I thought that I would just chew on a peice of leather daily to keep my muscles intact.

I snipped a piece off from a belt, and (surprise surprise) it comes with an unpleasant taste. The leather itself doesn’t taste bad, but I am worried about the chemicals used in coloring/tanning process.

I am assuming that the chemical taste will go away after awhile, but I am afraid of exposing myself to something dangerous. Does anyone know if it is okay to chew on a piece of leather?


…Or you could just chew this:Falim Sugar-Free Gum

*Note: Similar to chewing on leather. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the leather, but you could get sugar-free gum. If you’re concerned about the flavoring chemicals in gum, you could keep chewing the same piece of gum every day (and even spit out the flavor on the first day); I don’t know if that’s sanitary, but it’s probably no worse than chewing the same piece of leather. Then you’d only have to figure out where to store the gum; I’ve heard some people keep it next to their beds:


Xylitol gum. You can get 500-1000 piece bulk packages for 6-8 cents a piece.


some gum seems to break down after a few hours of chewing becoming a powerful adhesive putty that sticks to anything and it a pain to get off. It even sticks to your tongue. I have had it happen in the past with a double bubble gum. I don’t know if other gums have the same problem, but it is something to be aware of if you plan to chew the same gum for a long period of time.


I love that gum. It was you who pointed it out all-that-long-ago, right? If so, thanks again! This is the kind of gum I have always wanted.

Sugar-free without being loaded up with fake crap!


I seriously need to restock up on Falim. Awesome stuff!


You could try some of those raw-hide dog treats. I’ve seen dogs eat them and they don’t usually die from it.


Just to better understand your motive, why are you opting to chew on belt leather instead of using food or gum?

I think it would help everyone if we had more context, because I have difficulty imagining a situation where belt leather might be a first choice or even a distant thought, even with concerns about sugar.

You do not need to chew on something all day to maintain your health, and chewing on the same object repeatedly creates a breeding ground for bacteria (which is one of the health issues with dogs eating rawhide)

Gum is probably your best bet.